Opioids and Other Analgesics Are The Fastest-Growing Neurology Drugs

Central Nervous System Drugs Global Market Size 2021

Central Nervous System Drugs Global Market Size 2021

LONDON, GREATER LONDON, UK, June 21, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — The global market for analgesics, which includes opioids as well as anti-inflammatory drugs to relieve localized pain, is growing at over 8% year on year, a report from The Business Research Company shows. This compares with 6% for anaesthetics and 5% for anti-Parkinson drugs. Analgesics are drugs that relieve pain selectively without blocking the conduction of nerve impulses, noticeably changing sensory perception, or affecting consciousness. There are two types of analgesics – anti-inflammatory drugs that relieve modest pain by reducing local inflammatory responses and the opioids that act on the brain to reduce chronic pain.

In some parts of the world, such as the USA, experts suggest, there is an opioid crisis, resulting from the addictive properties of these drugs. It is claimed that more than two million Americans have become dependent on or abused prescription pain pills and street drugs. The number of opioid prescriptions dispensed by US doctors steadily increased from 112 million prescriptions in 1992 to a peak of 282 million in 2012, according to the market research firm IMS Health. Although the number of prescriptions dispensed has since declined, falling to 236 million in 2016, in that year there were still more than 42,249 overdose deaths that involved an opioid and Americans were the consumers of around 99% of all synthetic opioid drugs.
Analgesics are a segment of the wider market for drugs to treat neurological diseases, where growth is concentrated in smaller markets, particularly the BRICs (Brazil, Russia, India and China). The market for these drugs to treat diseases of the central nervous system (brain, spinal cord and nerves) in the four BRICs will all grow at 10% a year or above up to 2021. In the case of China and India this follows on from growth at this high level since 2010. Despite their large populations, however, the BRICs account for only a small proportion of the world's market for these drugs – 10% in 2017. In these emerging markets greater affordability of treatment resulting from growing GDP per capita and to some degree the arrival of low-priced generics help account for growth in the markets for these drugs.
In contrast with the rapid growth in the BRICs, the overall neurological drugs market in the USA, easily the world's largest, has been sluggish at 4%, though growing at a slightly faster 6% going forward. The Western European countries and Japan also have only moderate growth in the markets for these central nervous system drugs, so helping to hold back global growth to 5%. The global market will be worth $87 billion in 202, around 7.4% of the total for all pharma.
Drugs for neurological diseases are used to treat disorders such as epilepsy, Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias, cerebrovascular diseases including stroke, migraine and other headache disorders, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, neuroinfections, traumatic disorders of the nervous system due to head trauma, and neurological disorders as a result of malnutrition.

The market for analgesic drugs is relatively concentrated, with the ten largest companies taking nearly 60% of the total. Biogen Inc. is market leader, followed by Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, F. Hoffmann-La Roche and Novartis. Biogen’s Multiple Sclerosis Division, which manufactures central nervous system drugs, generated revenues of $8.3 billion for the financial year 2016, a 1.1% decrease from the previous year. Johnson & Johnson’s Total Neuroscience Division, that manufactures central nervous system drugs, also saw its revenues decrease, this time by 2.8% from the previous year. Smaller branded pharma rivals and generic drug manufacturers, however, benefitted from growing revenues from CNS drugs in 2016.

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