HERBS Sponsors International Cannabis Policy Conference in Vienna

Policy Makers Meet Ahead of Major UN Policy Meeting On Global Cannabis Laws

SAVANAH-LA-MAR, WESTMORELAND PARISH, JAMAICA, December 5, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — On December 7-9th the International Cannabis Policy Conference will be held in the United Nations quarter of Vienna, Austria. International think-and-do tank, FAAAT, joins more than 60 NGOs in organizing the conference. FAAAT is an international advocacy and research NGO that works to reform drug policies and addictions, focusing on human rights and sustainability.

HERBS (Health, Education and Research of Botanical Sciences) will be sponsoring the event at Diamond level. CEO of HERBS, Anthony Bailey, is excited about the prospect of solutions being found to move away from a counter-narcotics approach, to a more sustainable, human vision of cannabis in our societies.

HERBS is currently developing a state-of-the-art facility for cannabis cultivation, manufacturing, and distribution in Savanah-La-Mer, Jamaica. Jamaica is just one of many countries, including Canada, Lesotho, Germany, and Thailand where businesses are springing up as societies change their approach to cannabis and realize its multiple applications.

The conference will gather together an international community of affected and interested parties to provide substantive input on future policies and regulations regarding cannabis. It is the last opportunity for external input from key stakeholders before the highest-level UN session on drug policy in March 2019. A review of outdated and incoherent laws and regulations is long overdue as negative perceptions about cannabis are changing throughout the world.

The International Cannabis Policy Conference will showcase the potential of hemp and cannabis policy reform not only for human health but as an effective tool for sustainable development. It will present the contribution of cannabis and industrial hemp markets and product innovations relevant to sustainable development.
Top-level speakers will address the links between cannabis, policies, and SDGs. Among the topics that will be discussed are women and cannabis, cannabis and hemp as tools to combat climate change, future challenges of global cannabis markets and sustainable consumption and harm reduction.

HERBS will be holding a private event at the conference. Other attendees at the conference will include researchers, international community leaders, and international cannabis market leaders. Officials from various government agencies, UN agencies, and diplomatic mission members will also attend.
The event presents a great opportunity to mainstream cannabis policy reform, within an ethical and sustainable context. Descheduling of cannabis on an international level could result in many social, economic and environmental benefits.

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