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MELBOURNE, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, June 11, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — It’s absolutely essential for every one of us to attend school so we can learn about History, Literature, Science, and Math. Many of us excel so well we land jobs in corporate America that afford us financial success. But what we also learn is that life experience can teach us the most valuable lessons and it’s when we share these gifts with others we will truly be a perpetual inspiration to the world.

Danielle is an exceptional Entrepreneur, transsexual, former Electrical Engineer and Project Manager for the Boeing Company, certified health coach, photographer, author of the book “SAD Why Corporate America wants you Fat,” and the owner of Matrix Curves which specializes in revolutionary 3-D body scanning.

In her earlier career, Danielle spent many prolific years working in aerospace with the space shuttle program where she performed satellite integration and later worked at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station as a Scientist Engineer. As the years went by, she realized how she had unwittingly let herself go gaining excessive weight from unhealthy eating habits and she realized she had to make a positive change. When her beloved mother passed away the words she told her, “All I want is for you is to be happy,” made Danielle recognize how her struggles with her gender was the core of her depression and it led her to make the decision to transition in 2010. Danielle not only began losing weight, looking and feeling better, but also started a journey to a new, fulfilling life and career helping others.

“Now I recognize the primary purpose for being on this earth is not solely about making money,” says Danielle. “My work is about opening up the doorway to help guide others who are struggling as I did. We should never dwell on anger but become stronger and move forward see it as an opportunity for a better life.”

Danielle is a testament to how we can gain happiness from being our authentic selves. She affirms how transitioning has helped her not only gain perspective on being in women’s shoes and the challenges they face, but also a man’s perspective and to gain further clarity.

“As a health coach being at an ideal weight is by not depriving myself and skimping out on meals but simply by eating healthier which is what I advise my clients,” says Danielle.

Danielle emphasizes how exercising should be fun and she engages in belly dancing, Zumba classes and is at the gym four days a week. But what she can’t stress enough is how much she actually enjoys the exercise. It’s about having fun and people should find physical activity that they like and that way they can do it wholeheartedly.

“Everything in your life from your health to your finances all of those things have to be balanced just like the wheels on your car,” says Danielle. “When you’re eating healthy and exercising it’s the key to a long life and that’s what I focus on as a health coach.”

In her mid-60s, Danielle is a testament to defying age and not allowing it to limit us. Even a struggle with heart an artery blockage did not bring her over the edge and she miraculously defied the odds. Currently, Danielle has developed a dazzling line of all natural soaps and skin care products for people with skin issues and is hard at work on her 2nd book.

“We can be disease free longer through diet and a healthy life style ,” says Danielle. “There is so much misinformation out there and I want women to know you have so many accessible choices that were never possible before to live healthier carefree lives. My hope is to make you passionate about health and wellness and be inspired by my story.”

CUTV News Radio will feature Danielle Kovach in an interview with Jim Masters on Thursday June 13th at 10 a.m. EST

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