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TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, June 14, 2019 / — A recent study by Nielsen finds that people are eating out more than ever. Diabetes is rising at an alarming rate all over the world. The US Centre for Control and Prevention shows that the number of Americans with diabetes continues to rise, with over 12% of adult population estimated to have the disease. Governments are looking for ways to help the general public be healthier and now we see governments everywhere putting policies in place that mandate chain restaurants to provide caloric information on menus to the public.

In order to provide calorie or nutrition information of their recipes, food service providers must send their dishes to a lab to get analyzed, which is a timely and high cost task to take on.

But now that consumers have access to this information, smaller restaurants and chains, though not required to comply, still want to meet this consumer demand or risk losing business. Because of the high lab prices these businesses can't afford to send food to a lab to get analyzed.

Sonia Couto is the founder of MenuSano, a Nutrition Analysis Software that allows food service providers like restaurants, bakeries, food manufacturers, chains to conduct their own food analysis using MenuSano’s technology.

The idea for MenuSano came from Sonia and her teams own experience.

“I eat out a lot because I lead a busy life, but I'm also extremely health conscious. I'm a breast cancer survivor, so I care about what I put in my body,” says Sonia. “I’ve been in technology for over a decade and wondered why some restaurants couldn't provide nutritional information to their clients. After doing research, we discovered it was quite an expensive process. So we thought were techies, let's develop some technology to help solve this expensive problem.”

MenuSano eliminates the need to send food to a lab to be analyzed or hire a full-time nutritionist. MenuSano technology lets the user do it all themselves. For a nominal subscription fee, restaurants and other food services sign into the MenuSano system, upload their recipes, and conduct food analysis right on site. They can even print out labels for their products with correct calorie & nutrition information.

“MenuSano was created as a health intervention tool to address the rising rates of disease and obesity in our population that can be managed and prevented with nutrition, “say’s Sonia. “The days of eating out and not caring are over. People are health-conscious and care about what they're putting in their bodies. MenuSano allows the food service industry to contribute to community health by providing nutrition information to their customers at the point of sale. That's why our motto is "Choice is healthy” we are providing the option for consumer to make healthier food choices if they choose.”

Most importantly, MenuSano is user-friendly and cost-effective.

“We have put a lot of work into developing a system exactly for our clients, so they don't have to waste time learning software when they're not techies like us,” says Sonia. “We just want to encourage the restaurants and food service clients to use the tool and be part of this social change.”

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