Playpal Launches its Interactive Health Games: Keeko & Bon Bon Jump

Download keeko and Bon Bon

Download keeko and Bon Bon

About Playpal Inc

About Playpal Inc

Keeko & Bon Bon Jump were developed with a mission to transform the general perception of gaming as an unhealthy habit.

DENVER, COLORADO, UNITED SATATES, November 13, 2019 / — US-based health-tech revolutionist, Playpal, brings to life a unique amalgamation of mobile games, rewards, and health analysis with the launch of its health games, Keeko and Bon Bon Jump. You can now earn Fitcoins to unlock levels, upgrade characters, and tap into premium game features just by meeting step-count targets. The best part is, these Fitcoins can also be converted into health crypto-tokens against a points-conversion mechanism on the Playpal platform, offering you the chance to earn real-life rewards!

Playpal Games is a sub-unit of Playpal Inc that aims to transform your health and lifestyle by making gaming healthy and educational. By its nature, Playpal Games makes the Playpal Platform's overarching gamified rewards-based health ecosystem whole.

Playpal Games: The First Step toward a Healthier and happier you!
Keeko & Bon Bon Jump were developed with a mission to transform the general perception of gaming as an unhealthy habit. By utilizing its research on the Gamification of Health, Playpal has officially launched both games to introduce the world to the trending concept of Gaming and Physical Activity.

Keeko is a classic beat-them-all game in which Keeko, the protagonist, and her friends fight their temptation toward unhealthy food. This fast-paced brawler game is based on defeating the Junk Food Army that stands in the way of the player’s progression to save Keeko’s friends and defeat an evil Doughnut that rules the world.

To enhance the user experience, Keeko offers a highly interactive gameplay via environmental storytelling and what makes the game even more fun is the whimsical portrayal of Keeko’s struggle with the Junk Food Army, also known as the ‘Sexy Tempting Foods (STFs)”. After you play the game, it is clear that its objectives are two-fold: 1) to indirectly incentivise health by converting health metrics like steps count into Fitcoins, which you can then use to unlock premium game-features, and 2) to educate users on topics ranging from nutritional information of various foods to tips on adopting healthy habits.

In fact, a recent review by Edamame applauds Keeko for its storyline, graphics, and overall user engagement, acknowledging the “thought and effort that has gone into creating a fun yet child-friendly game that kids will actually want to play”. For anyone looking for a simple way of teaching their children that eating too much chocolate could be unhealthy, “this is a game that may help you communicate that idea without too many tears”.

While Bon Bon Jump, which is a fun spin-off of the Keeko game, may not have such an elaborate storyline or educational component, the underlying principle of the game is the same, i.e. to develop sustainable health-centric communities around Playpal Games and, by default, Playpal, so that immersive game-based learning tools like Keeko can have the intended social impact. So, embrace the chance to be a part of this gamified health model by downloading the Keeko and Bon Bon Jump games today (available on Apple Store and Google Play Store)! Stay tuned for the next wave of Playpal's Games that activate, educate, and motivate you to better health!

About Playpal Inc.
Powered by blockchain and AI, Playpal offers a simple solution to the biggest issue faced by the healthcare industry today, i.e. the consolidation of fragmented health data and the gamification of health. Simply put, Playpal is a Smart Health Analyst on a mission to create an all-encompassing ecosystem of health by consolidating data from any and all health IOT devices, apps (including games!), knowledge-bases & stakeholders. Through such data consolidation, Playpal processes these inputs via its AI Engine and offers real-time, customized health recommendations that help you manage your health proactively. That’s not all – users get rewarded with real-life rewards called health tokens just for consistently adhering to these recommendations. So, get ready to earn money while living healthy!
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