Millennials Seek Natural Solutions to Fertility Health

Millennials embrace natural family planning

KNOWHEN is a natural saliva-based ovulation test

KNOWHEN Advanced Saliva Ovulation Test is all natural

KNOWHEN Fertility App tracks your cycles on smartphones

KNOWHEN Fertility App keeps track of your cycles on your smartphone

KNOWHEN® Advanced Saliva Ovulation Test Kit with Fertility Monitor App Identifies Days of Ovulation Naturally with 98.9% Accuracy

18% of sexually active women ages 18 to 44 don't use contraception and are at high risk for unintended pregnancy. Fertility apps help them control their path in life without chemicals or side effects.”

— Helen Denise, founder and CEO of HiLin Life Products, Inc.

NEWARK, NJ, UNITED STATES, November 20, 2019 / — As the number of millennials delaying starting a family increases, so does the willingness of millennial women to embrace more natural solutions to their fertility health and wellness. They want to understand their bodies and are welcoming both information and technology around it — and they're using their smartphones to do it.

Some are using new fertility apps designed to tell a woman when she’s ovulating and when she should not have unprotected sex to avoid an unintended pregnancy, such as KNOWHEN Advanced Saliva Ovulation Test and Fertility Monitor App. It allows women to live naturally and securely on her time-frame.

The Fertility Awareness Method, aka the rhythm method, is seeing a renewal. It doesn’t work for all couples. Women who have regular menstrual cycles and who are very careful about when they have sex usually find it effective. If that’s not your patient, this isn’t going to be her best approach to contraception. This old paper and pen method of tracking ovulation is being replaced by more accurate fertility apps and natural chemical-free ovulation tests like KNOWHEN.

We’ve seen a growing interest in wellness and things being natural among millennials. They tend to have a broader idea of health and wellness and are reluctant to blindly follow what traditional healthcare systems tell them to do. And they are suspicious of anything like prescription medication and putting chemicals into their bodies,” said Helen Denise, CEO and founder of HiLin Life Products Inc., a NJ-based medical device company and global leader in Fertility Tests and marketing research for women’s reproductive health.

“These young women want to learn how their bodies work, but many don’t understand their ovulation cycle. So, they search online, share information in chat groups, and follow social media to take their health into their own hands. It’s important for the medical community and those in women’s reproductive research to give them helpful information, because each woman’s cycle is unique.” said Denise.

Fertility Monitor Apps
Fertility monitor apps like KNOWHEN’s Advanced Saliva Ovulation Kit and Fertility Monitor App allow millennial women to not only track their ovulation cycle naturally using their saliva, but also track their menstrual cycle and sexual activity to determine their 5 (five) most fertile days to get pregnant or avoid pregnancy. It gives millennials a natural approach to family planning with 98.9% accuracy, according to U.S. clinical studies. Pinpointing the woman’s time of ovulation is the most effective way to increase a couple’s chance of conception or insure safe contraception.

Learn more about KNOWHEN® Advanced Saliva Ovulation Test & Fertility Monitor App at and see how it is helping physicians empower the lives of women everywhere.

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Easy-to-follow, video animation instructions on how to use KNOWHEN to determine your 5 (five) fertile days in your ovulation cycle.

Source: EIN Presswire