THC-Free CBD Oil Helps Boost Immune Systems and Reduces Inflammation

Patriot Supreme THC free CBD oil

Patriot Supreme Pure CBD Oil

Patriot Supreme THC free CBD oil

Patriot Supreme, a top United States CBD oil manufacturer, has a selection of quality THC-free CBD oil products that can be used to help boost the immune system

MESA, ARIZONA, UNITED STATES, March 28, 2020 / — The veteran-owned company, Patriot Supreme, is pleased to announce its popular THC-free CBD oil products can help boost immune system response by calming inflammation in the body. The cannabinoids found in CBD have also been known to help ease symptoms of the flu and common cold. The antibacterial properties found in CBD can help protect against pneumonia and other secondary bacterial infections, following a viral infection.

Although scientists know that CBD oil has positive effects on various systems in the body, including the immune system, it is still unclear why. Some studies have shown CBD increases the body's white blood cell count. White Blood cells destroy unwanted invaders and are responsible for two important roles in our immune system – helping the body to remember previous infections and absorbing and neutralizing foreign attackers.

Patriot Supreme offers three CBD oil products that can be taken orally three different ways, providing customers with options. Its CBD oil tinctures can be taken under the tongue, or mixed into a beverage. Absorption under the tongue is the quickest way into the bloodstream. Nano broad-spectrum CBD capsules are to be swallowed and can work faster making its bioavailability attractive to patients. The capsules also contain curcumin, which is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent. Lastly, Patriot Supreme offers gluten-free CBD gummies which are a tasty and inconspicuous way to take CBD.

The company's CBD oil tinctures deliver 85% active cannabinoid by weight in each dose while each CBD capsule contains an average of 25 milligrams of Active CBD and 10 milligrams curcumin. The CBD gluten-free gummies also contain an average of 25 milligrams of Active CBD per dose and are Kosher, Halal, Vegan & 0.0% THC.

Patriot Supreme owner, Justin Elenburg, stresses the importance of having a healthy and functioning immune system, saying, "Immunity is a mechanism of opposition of the body to any invasion of genetically foreign cells. We can say that the immune system is a shield that protects our body from invisible enemies whose reliability we always want to be sure of."

Customers are very pleased with the THC-free CBD oil options Patriot Supreme has available. One shopper writes, "I take the gummies on a regular basis & they are very helpful. Highly recommend them."

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THC-Free CBD Oil Helps Boost Immune Systems and Reduces Inflammation

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