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We have been able to get a good immune response in the primates by delivering our COVID-19 vaccine to primates by inhalation.”

— Dr. Reid Rubsamen

GREENVILLE, SOUTH CAROLINA, US, June 3, 2020 / — CEOCFO Magazine, an independent business news and investment publication that highlights important technology, products, services, medical, natural health clean-tech and financial companies, this week spoke with Yuri Ivanov, CEO of IVANNOVATION Language Management, a Greenville, SC based company that provides innovative language translation services and solutions. Mr. Ivanov told CEOCFO Senior Editor, Lynn Fosse, “We have built a vast network of professional translators who specialize in various domains. This allows us to translate materials for many industries, such as construction, aerospace, legal, automotive, life sciences, and others. We focus on blending professional linguistics and latest technology to provide accurate, reliable translations. We build bridges between speakers of different languages of the world.” As to what sets them apart Mr. Ivanov told us, “We use the latest available technology to store, retrieve, and research data, i.e. translations. Our human translators have this whole multilingual world at their fingertips. This allows us to translate huge volumes of data, and do so quickly, correctly, and consistently. We train machine translation engines to produce meaningful, in-context translations. In case of COVID-19 materials, we train an engine to translate medical texts. This is a customized engine that is full of medical bilingual and monolingual data, which lets a translator do their part quickly and reliably.”

In healthcare this week, in a discussion with infertility diagnostics company, Cicero Diagnostics, Inc. based in Huntington Beach, CA, CEO and Founder, Christopher Jackson tells Lynn, “Our long term goal and the reason we started this company wasn’t just to help the IVF community. It was to see if we could identify endometriosis earlier than the 7-10 years it typically takes now. In the process we help the 85% of women who can’t get pregnant that will never seek advanced fertility treatments and in the bigger picture, may help solve a problem that impacts over 176 million women worldwide.” Mr. Jackson continues, “Despite all of the advances in reproductive medicine, 40-50% of women seeking advanced fertility help are still not able to become pregnant. Our testing service helps identify the underlying cause in the majority of these women. This new info allows for new treatment pathways and ultimately a new pathway to pregnancy.” In describing their test and its ability to detect inflammation, Mr. Jackson explained, “The ReceptivaDx™ test is based on the biomarker BCL6, a protein not normally found on the uterine lining at the time of conception… The inflammation we detect is a result of the body’s immune response to that endometriosis. Our data has shown this inflammation on the uterine lining is enough to block implantation and/or potentially cause a miscarriage during the first critical weeks of pregnancy.”

With the world focused on finding a solution for the coronavirus pandemic, CEOCFO spoke with vaccine development company, Dr. Reid Rubsamen, CEO of Pleasant Hill, CA based, Flow Pharma, Inc. about their efforts to develop an Inhalation COVID 19 vaccine. Dr. Rubsamen told Lynn Fosse, “We are testing a T-cell vaccine for COVID-19. This is a cellular vaccine that stimulates killer T Cells, little submarines that circulate through the body with chemical torpedoes to kill cells that are infected by a virus. This enables us to attack targets on the virus that do not mutate very much. The part of the virus we are focused on is located inside the virus and cannot be easily targeted by antibodies. This is a critical edge that we have, and our approach is supported by observations that survivors of SARS epidemics in 2003 have circulating T-cells eleven years later, targeting the same parts of that virus that we are targeting with our vaccine. A sustainable immune response to coronavirus appears to be very importantly linked to the cellular part of the immune system, and maybe not so much to antibodies, for long term protection. Basically, we looked at the survivors of the SARS outbreak, and we are copying the behavior of their immune systems with our COVID-19 vaccine. We took the same approach for FlowVax Ebola, which provided 100% protection in a mouse model.” Discussing their inhalation approach, Dr. Rubsamen told Lynn, “We have been able to get a good immune response in the primates by delivering our COVID-19 vaccine to primates by inhalation. We believe that inhalational delivery is important, because, in most cases, the virus is entering the body by breathing particles in the air.”

Bryggs Medical, LLC presents CEOCFO readers with an alternative to CPAP for sleep apnea treatment. President Geoff Sleeper told Lynn Fosse, “The mission of BRYGGS Medical is to increase awareness to patients and sleep professionals that there is a viable alternative to CPAP for the treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea in the form of an affordable, reusable EPAP device, which we call the ULTepap™.” Asked for the idea behind the company, Mr. Sleeper said, “Having had previously owned and operated a sleep lab, we found that a fair amount of people that had obstructive sleep apnea really did not want to go on CPAP. A lot of the problem with CPAP is the six-foot tethering to a bedside table, the blower, and all the commotion that goes with humidification and filters, etc. There is an alternative out there called EPAP which is Expiratory Positive Airway Pressure.”

Interviewing Novela Neurotech CEO and board member, Ray Iskander, CEOCFO features a company seeking to accelerate neurological treatments with brain decoding as a service. Mr. Iskander tells Lynn Fosse, “Novela has taken a unique approach. We are not a “me too” company in the medical field. We are working very closely with world-leading organizations that are already developing next-generation neuromodulation treatments for brain disorders. We are using our strengths in data automation collection and data sharing as a way to accelerate their bench-to-bedside translation; that is, propelling their “go to market” paths so their treatments more rapidly reaches patients.” Asked why epilepsy was their first target, Mr. Iskander responded, “Epilepsy lends itself very naturally to neuromodulation, because we are able to listen to brain signals and use sophisticated computer algorithms to identify seizures before they happen, and try to administer another electric signal that could stop the seizure in its track.”

Looking at technology in this issue, CEOCFO spoke with Lowell, MA based ePropelled CEO and President, Nick Grewal about their electronic propulsion motors. Mr. Grewal told Lynn Fosse, “ePropelled’s products allow the world to wean itself off the current carbon-based technology and onto the newer, cleaner, greener, efficient technologies.” Explaining their technology Mr. Grewal said, “ePropelled’s mission has been to re-engineer the most efficient electric motor. In the mobility space, we have an extremely powerful patent called, EMG, Electro Magnetic Gear, created by our CTO, that uses this technology to provide maximum efficiency to electric vehicles, drones, and could also be used in flying cars of the future.”

Houston, TX based business, government and construction services company, MPACT Strategic Consulting LLC Founder, President and CEO, Spurgeon Robinson MBA, tells CEOCFO, “We service the public and private sector and our core mission is to save and improve public safety through emergency management and disaster recovery. This encompasses fundamental actions beginning with planning and preparation, through emergency response and recovery. Our core business model is centered around disasters originally, but more importantly, helping communities to recover, mitigate and be more resilient for future events that may occur.” Discussing how they have managed under COVID-19, Mr. Robinson said, “We have been in business now for thirteen years and my experience goes all the way back to hurricane Katrina. Therefore, we have built a cache of very talented resources that understand how this works. We are able to pull on those resources, both our internal team; sometimes it is all hands on deck from our internal team, even with something like COVID which is unique and different, but still a response in the pandemic.”

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