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Every successful person has a start. Start bravely to find a successful way.”

— George Lee, General Manager

TAINAN, TAIWAN, August 14, 2020 / — Meacron Cosmetics Laboratory & Manufacturer is an international OEM and ODM manufacturer with ISO22716 certification. Meacron manufactures high-quality skin care products, and are an innovative manufacturing company aiming to address the problem of unsatisfactory quality and results produced by factories. The company will be launching their new product, Medgene, which is a new brand of stem cell anti-aging product, with the showcase held at Grammy Clinic, Taipei, Taiwan between Jun 12, 2020 – Sep 30, 2021.

Stem cell skin care products by Meacron Laboratory & Manufacturer are made by Meacron’s own consultant team and OEM and ODM factories. Meacron is dedicated to producing the best quality skin care products, and by studying the best anti-aging ingredients, it aims to raise cosmetic skin care products to the medical level. It sees a tremendous opportunity in offering clients with the chance to make high quality medical skin care products. If clients have any creative product idea, they can just discuss with us and our doctors can make those ideas come true. Distributors could also discuss a creative idea with the manufacturer and doctor group face to face as well. Due to the coronavirus, the recent trend of highly moisturizing hand sanitizers and antibacterial skin care products will prove to be beneficial to Meacron.

Top Competitive Advantages:
• ISO22716 certified
• Highly-qualified factory and certified medical skin care laboratory
• Large order load and satisfactory prices

Notable Technical Specifications:
• Dermal Revival Solution
• Skin Absorption Solution
• Multi-Functional Conditioning Solution

"With 10+ years of skin care products manufacturer experience, I have witnessed many unqualified product events in the international manufacturing business. Meacron is a startup that I founded in 2007, looking at the public relations of OEM or ODM business clients and offering them highly qualified skin care products. We have our own doctors group, laboratory, factory, and marketing group. " said Sam Chen, Chairman of Meacron.

About Meacron Cosmetics Laboratory & Manufacturer
Founded in 2007 and headquartered in Tainan, Taiwan, Meacron Cosmetics Laboratory & Manufacturer is a market leader in developing innovative OEM and ODM manufacturers. The company’s objective is to provide a medical laboratory and consultant team to help clients and create better products. Poised to change invasive treatments and plastic surgery in the beauty business, Meacron interacts with medical and OEM businesses around the world, aiming to empower and inspire people to create the skin care products they want. The company offers affordable high-quality products to clients, with over 250+ available brands of skin care products around the globe. For more information, please visit

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