Dr. Holley Kaskel of LightHeart Psychological Associates to be Featured on Close Up Radio

REDMOND, WASHINGTON, UNITED STATES, September 25, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Depression, anxiety, and grief affect millions of people each year. If left untreated it can negatively impact every part of our lives even causing serious physical health issues. Sadly, most people struggling with life’s difficulties choose not to seek help usually out of shame or fear. But what if there were mental health professionals that can help you achieve your recovery goals? That can help you better understand your emotions and behavior with genuine empathy even in your most difficult life moments?

Dr. Holley Kaskel is an exceptional clinical psychologist and founder and CEO of LightHeart Psychological Associates, in Redmond, WA.

“In my practice I am passionate about helping clients navigate their way through life’s challenges no matter what they are struggling with,” says Holley. “We utilize evidence-based strategies and strategic tools with a personalized approach in a safe, supportive, warm environment.”

Holley opened her private practice in 2003 as a solo practitioner. She soon realized she was not reaching enough people needing her services and decided to expand her community impact. Today, she runs a thriving group practice with thirty-two top notch mental health clinicians who provide therapy, medication, and assessment for clients throughout the lifespan.

“We all have problems at times, with our relationships, depression, or anxiety of various types. Plenty of times people will try to cope with it alone till it gets so overwhelming they stop functioning properly. This manifest as panic attacks or self-medicating with drugs, alcohol, or food,” says Holley. “Life can be extremely difficult and challenging but a trained therapist can guide you on your journey to healthier ways of coping, healing your pain, and achieving a wonderful sense of self-acceptance and purpose.”

In these especially difficult and uncertain times, Holley maintains how finding positivity, remaining optimistic, and counteracting negativity can keep us grounded. Holley says we can open ourselves up to the opportunity to get our groove back. She describes three stages of functioning people have experienced during this pandemic.

“The first stage is survival mode, where just getting through the day can feel like an overwhelming challenge” says Holley. “The second stage is one of stability where baseline functioning is the norm. We may not be thriving, but are attempting to find some type of normalcy. We set small, daily goals for ourselves and stay connected with loved ones in whatever way we can. The third stage is personal growth mode. The drastic change in our daily routines and assumptions can create opportunity for reflection and a positive shift in our mindset, habits, and goals. We may be feeling inspired or motivated to make major life changes for the positive. In this space, we are able to thrive.”

Because of her expertise, her love of learning, her genuine compassion, and her vision to create a larger impact on her community, Holley is a sought-after speaker and has started her own podcast.

“Therapy is critical because we should never give up hope,” says Holley. “If you are feeling skeptical you can be self-assured that you are in a non-judgmental environment. Whether you’re dealing with anger, anxiety, difficult life transitions, or challenging relationships, there is always an opportunity for healing and growth so you can live a happier and more meaningful, beautiful life.”

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