i360 Healthcare introduces new advances to Deliver Outstanding Live Clinical Care (Remote Patient Monitoring)

Silicon Valley-based i360 Healthcare announced today that they have introduced a new and advanced system for Remote Patient Monitoring.

CUPERTINO, CA, UNITED STATES, September 25, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — i360 Healthcare introduces new Clinical Systems to Deliver Outstanding Live Clinical Care, has Partnered with CareHalo to provide Remote Patient Monitoring

Cupertino, CA September 25, 2020 — Silicon Valley-based i360 Healthcare announced today that they have introduced a new and advanced system for Remote Patient Monitoring with advanced healthcare clinical monitoring and patient interaction services to the marketplace.

i360 Healthcare has become a trusted healthcare consulting company for hospitals, accountable care organizations and physicians groups across the United States. Their mission is to help their customers navigate the rapidly changing landscape and assure all compliance standards while providing the consumer of remote patient monitoring access to quick clinical decisions.

i360 Healthcare digitally connects patients and providers, through its i360 fully interoperable healthcare IT platform to allow physicians access to provide virtual technology, remotely monitor and adjust clinical care plans between provider office visits. The i360 platform collects patient vitals and biometrics via multiple, patient-centric healthcare IoT devices and natural language processors, analyzes the data and simultaneously populates multiple EMRs/EHRs with the patient health information in their native format as defined by the organizations clinical team.

Steve C. Lipp, Chief Executive Officer and President of i360 Healthcare, has extensive experience in finance and management. He has been part of executive team for over 8 years.

“We are driving the market in using a proven healthcare technology to become a leader as a clinical care partner. We believe this is the way of the future to offer enterprise solutions to meet the global needs of our customers. We are focused on being a center of excellence with our partners to bring an added benefit to our clients,” said Lipp.

Dr. David A Wanner, EdD, Chief Administrative Officer of i360 Healthcare, has extensive C-Suite experience in healthcare enterprises.

“Our new systems and extensive clinical monitoring brings a new layer of dynamic capabilities to I360 Healthcare. While our i360 platform has long had the capability of delivering telehealth and remote monitoring services to patients, we can now offer a robust, patient clinical care to our customers on an instantaneous basis. We are focused on moving forward to become an industry leader in this space.”

“We now have access to a national team of medical providers and specialists. We are very excited to leverage their technology to provide hospitals and payers with a comprehensive solution to Remote Patient Monitoring and Chronic Disease Management. We are confident that our partnership will not only improve health outcomes, but do so at a lower cost of care,”

About i360 Healthcare

i360 Healthcare is a digital health innovator using technology to connect patients and providers through its interoperable platform that bridges between wearable devices and patient care. i360 provides hundreds of predefined treatment plans, with the ability to customize, combine and manage any number of devices, caregivers and patient groups, while using your EMR/EHR – with a focus on 24/7 clinical support to ease the chronic disease management and remote patient monitoring burden on payers, hospitals, providers, home health, care givers and patients. and customizable to meet the unique needs of the patient populations. The company’s providers include internist, specialist, nurse practitioners, dietitians, and medical assistants – all acutely focused on driving improved health incomes and better quality of life for its members. i360 Healthcare services drive results in improving health outcomes and driving down the cost of care.

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