Celebrity Makeup Artist, Sean James, Creates a Hand Sanitizer New Product for the Win in 2021

Beach Blvd.

DJ Lisa Fox & Sean James with “The Shore Thing”

Let’s start the year with a clean slate make it a "Shore Thing".

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, January 14, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — We have created the next generation of hand sanitizer, Beachblvd.co’s “Shore thing”. It is a non-sticky, non-drying, fast evaporating, 100% American made hand sanitizer with the most value for money for a luxury brand. The 4 ounce bottle is perfect for your pocket, purse, or car. We are so excited that we have created some thing for personal use for the sanitizing geeks and freaks like us out there. If you are a germaphobe, we are for you.

We have the most luxury scent available on the market of sanitizers. Our perfect blend of lavender bergamot and lemon made from essential oil’s is non-offensive and the scent of a fresh summers day.

Here’s what’s hot in the world of sanitation and sanitation sprays, mists, and antibacterial:

Beachblvd.co’s “The Shore Thing” was used behind the scenes keeping those in zone A on “NBCs THE WALL”, created by Andrew Glassman and LeBron James. Beach Blvd.co’s “The Shore Thing" sanitized and aided in safety regimens hosted by Super stylish Comedian and Host /TV star, Chris Hardwick. The sanitizer was used by the hair and make up departments, which include Local 706 makeup artists Sean James and Tonia Green. This was for the new season for 2021.

We where so excited when Jamie lee Curtis posted in her Instagram feed about beachBlvd.co and “The Shore Thing" and displayed her affection for the product.

See her post here: https://www.instagram.com/p/CG7mNjmArZf/?igshid=15a8tqxhxdnmb

Also just to reflect on our debut year, one of the most exciting accomplishments that came out of 2020 was that founder and CEO Sean James was featured in the cover of the Argonaut announcing the release of “The Shore Thing” lifestyle sanitizer spray. "I originally had come up with the company during my 20 years working as a creative director and teacher at Fred SEGAL Beauty. Most recently I was working for Fhiheat where I mastered product development and packaging and what should have deterred me from doing my own thing, it instead challenged me," state Sean James. "The Shore Thing's" popularity has grown exponentially now and the line is so popular and selling off every shelf, including at Matthew Preece Salon and at “Outside the Box" a mindful child development center in Woodland Hills frequented by the Kardashian family. We are so excited about expanding having two scents in January 2021 and a hair product in the works. The new scent will be available in early February called “Coast is clear“.

Advertising hand sanitizer on Instagram is not allowed, so we have relied totally on word-of-mouth and our wonderful support of mindful people buying local from the link in our bio and a website beachblvd.co supporting small business. We would appreciate your support!

Recently, we were featured on the cover of the Argonaut in a four page story. Check it out here: https://issuu.com/timespub/docs/argo-111220-web/1?e=8633901/81931650

We are going to be featured in The next issue of Malibu times magazine, so stay tuned and follow our story here: https://instagram.com/malibutimesmag?igshid=8fzcjsxrbwl7

The most popular purchase over the holidays has been the 10 pack. These are fantastic gifts with the pandemic at the moment. This is a great way to reach out to friends. Also, if you are having a small get together this is a great way to make sure everyone has a hand sanitizer at your event, beach party, or small socially distanced lunch. These are also great parting gifts and a great way to keep your family and friends safe when you’re not with them.

The 10 pack had also been very popular with tech companies and is on its way to becoming the number one choice for silicone beach. We have also seen an increase of purchases for popular shared community office spaces and it’s exciting to see it popping up organically in people’s social media. We were so excited to be used behind the scenes to news anchor and on location reporter, Michelle Valles, on NBC NEWS and the LA News team. It thrills us that the word is spreading and we are becoming the number one choice for professionals in Hollywood.

This past year we where featured by DJ Lisa Fox on iheartradio/104.3myfm as one of her all time favorites and thank her for her support of our 100% made inthe USA small business. We’re so grateful for people supporting our family owned 100% made in America business. We are an affordable luxury brand and proud to have helped create jobs and give business to Americans making our products during this time.

DJ Lisa Fox post: https://www.instagram.com/p/CIJxHL9p275/?igshid=2fq8ds0le7kf

Our product includes the alcohol scent label ,design , bottle pump, and formulation.

Purchase Beach Blvd.co’s “The Shore Thing" here: https://www.beachblvd.co/shop

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