SmartBot360's Chatbot AI Upgraded With Document Search to Increase Responsiveness For COVID Queries

RIVERSIDE, CALIFORNIA, US, February 25, 2021 / — As the number of COVID tests and vaccinations grows, SmartBot360, an AI-powered healthcare chatbot, released a new feature that allows companies to easily set up a chatbot to respond to common COVID questions. Whether a website has a dedicated page or a small section for COVID questions, SmartBot360’s document search makes it easy to help patients find the information they need by processing a patient’s query and responding with relevant information. If a patient’s query cannot be answered by the information in the chatbot flow, FAQ matching kicks in, and if there is still no match, the document search feature kicks in, which uses contextual understanding to find a page on the website that has relevant information. The results are returned in a carousel view with links to help patients quickly navigate to relevant pages.

SmartBot360’s COVID chatbot is currently utilized by Midwest Express Clinic in Illinois, True Health in Florida, and HealthPoint in Washington, among others, to smoothly handle the increasing demand and queries of patients looking to get COVID testing or the vaccine.

With vaccine distribution ramping up across the U.S., more and more healthcare providers are being inundated with questions regarding the COVID vaccine. SmartBot360 is meant to help scale and improve the customer service of healthcare businesses while preventing call centers from being overloaded with COVID questions. From helping patients figure out the vaccine process and helping them schedule an appointment to automated follow-ups, document search helps patients to find a solution to their answer.

“Customer experience has always been the priority when developing SmartBot360’s AI, including how to answer as many questions as possible and reducing the drop-off rate of chatbots. Patients drop-off due to unanswered questions or confusion when talking to a chatbot,” said Vagelis Hristidis, Ph.D., founder of SmartBot360. Document search is a feature meant to reduce drop-off rates while being more effective at helping patients navigate a website. “We want to minimize customer service time so employees can focus on more complex questions while using the chatbot to answer repetitive, common questions.”

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Source: EIN Presswire