Rahim Hassanally Explains How Everyone Can Help Improve Breast Cancer Awareness in 2021

Rahim Hassanally

Rahim Hassanally

Rahim Hassanally recently explained how everyone can help improve breast cancer awareness in 2021 and beyond.

DALLAS, TX, UNITED STATES , June 21, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but that doesn't mean raising awareness should wait until fall. Rahim Hassanally is an active advocate for breast cancer awareness, and he recently discussed ways everyone can help increase awareness for the second most common cancer among women.

"Raising awareness for breast cancer is essential to finding a cure," Rahim Hassanally said. "Every bit of action we take, whether as small as posting on Facebook or as large as hosting a major awareness event, can help provide support to those in need and push us toward a cure more quickly."

Hassanally stated that the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us several lessons about society. One of those lessons is that we are all in this fight for health and happiness together. When individuals come together to support those battling breast cancer, the force for good becomes that much stronger. He suggested several ways on how people can help raise awareness and improve aid for those in need.

Rahim Hassanally explained that one of the easiest ways to raise awareness is to wear pink, as the pink ribbon is an internationally recognized symbol for breast cancer. Simply wearing a pink t-shirt, a pink ribbon, or a piece of breast cancer awareness clothing can make a much more significant impact than you might expect.

"Wearing pink shows your support for those battling breast cancer and those who are survivors," Hassanally said. "In addition to showing support, wearing pink allows others to see your support and reminds them of the importance of raising awareness. A simple piece of clothing can encourage another person to wear pink, and this can snowball into raising awareness around the globe. Raising awareness is directly correlated to raising funding."

Individuals who are looking for a more direct and immediate way to support breast cancer awareness can help a breast cancer patient in need. Helping can range from donating to the cost of care or the simple act of bringing meals to the home of someone undergoing treatment. Rahim Hassanally suggested that simple acts of kindness can make a significant difference, such as walking a breast cancer patient's dog, driving them to an appointment, or offering clothing, hats, wigs, and other items.

Education is another essential part of raising awareness. The more educated you are on breast cancer and breast cancer research, the more you can help others. Rahim Hassanally emphasized that educating yourself also means knowing your risks and early signs of development. It also involves encouraging your family and friends at risk to receive mammograms and check for abnormalities. The more educated everyone is, the better society's defense against cancer will be.

"Raising awareness for breast cancer can be as simple as telling your sister, aunt, mother, or friend that they are of age to receive a mammogram," Rahim Hassanally said. "It may also involve doing your own research on the risks of developing breast cancer or the effects of breast cancer worldwide. This can help you make wiser decisions when funding and helping raise awareness."

Hassanally expressed the importance of educating yourself on which companies you'd want to support when donating money to breast cancer awareness causes. He stated that many companies start to advertise their support for breast cancer awareness as October approaches. However, some are using awareness as a marketing tactic and not necessarily for breast cancer awareness.

One of the best ways to support breast cancer research is to directly fund research organizations. Hassanally explained the National Foundation for Cancer Research directly funds researchers seeking superior treatment methods for the disease. Whether small or large, donations to this organization can have a significant positive impact on those battling breast cancer now and in the future.

"One of the best ways to boost breast cancer awareness this year and in future years is to help with the fundraising efforts for these researchers," Rahim Hassanally said. "The researchers at the National Foundation for Cancer Research and other credentialed research organizations rely heavily on donations. The more you donate, the more they can do."

Hassanally concluded by stating that donating doesn't have to be out of your own pocket. Donations can be raised through a variety of fundraising efforts, such as holding fundraising events, hosting a raffle, or asking family and friends to donate as well. It doesn't matter how you show your support for breast cancer awareness, because every little bit helps toward the greater good.

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