twoplus fertility Releases New Technology to Help Couples Trying to Conceive

NEW YORK, USA, August 3, 2021 / — twoplus fertility, a fertility technology company, is excited to announce the release of the twoplus sperm guide, a new solution for couples who are trying to conceive naturally.

A common misconception about conception is that only a single sperm is needed for fertilization to occur. In the average ejaculate, there are an average of about 100 million sperm. More than 2 million need to enter the cervix so that hundreds can reach the egg for fertilization to occur. Hundreds are required to help prepare the way by breaking down the two outer protective layers of the egg. Many sperm will not survive the acidic environment in the vagina. Combine that with the decreasing average sperm count in men, and having a sufficient number of sperm reach the egg is more challenging than ever.

The twoplus sperm guide is a small, soft, comfortable device used during sex to help sperm get to the right place within the vaginal tract. It protects sperm from harmful acidic vaginal fluid and forms a seal to block any loss of sperm. The guide directs sperm toward the deeper end of the vaginal tract and increases the potential for natural conception. The unique technology is the first of its kind to assist couples with natural conception in the comfort of their home. Importantly, the device also brings back intimacy to conception.

The sperm guide is shipped quickly in discreet packaging and requires no appointments or procedures for use. It is designed to be used in the privacy of the bedroom and has been featured on Forbes, Combinator, TechCrunch, fertility help hub, pregnantish and fermata.

The device was developed after one of the co-founders of twoplus and his wife struggled to conceive for several years. They spoke with other couples who were also experiencing fertility challenges.

“We found a huge gap in the fertility landscape as we were finding a solution for ourselves that is easy to use and convenient,” said twoplus fertility co-founder Dr. Benjamin Tee. “Most of the products are focused on fertility tracking and insurance plans or incremental product improvements. None have focused on providing new, ground-breaking solutions to improve sperm transport to the egg.”

Dr. Tee is a scientist with a Ph.D. from Stanford University and a Stanford Biodesign Fellow. He and his wife welcomed their first baby using the sperm guide technology. “We want to help 1 million couples conceive over the next 10 years,” he said.

twoplus has secured seed funding from top investors, including Y-Combinator and Golden Gate Ventures. They have also formed partnerships with world-class clinicians and scientists from Stanford University and the University of California Berkeley.

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