MedPro Partners With PCIHIPAA To Offer Compliance Services to Healthcare Providers

Offering Addresses A Key Challenge for Many Organizations Seeking To Safeguard Patient Information (PHI)

Our partnership adds to our waste management solution and aligns with our strategy to save healthcare providers time and money”

— George Shanine, CEO MedPro

NAPERVILLE, ILLINOIS, UNITED STATES, December 6, 2018 / — MedPro, a leader in waste management disposal services, is pleased to announce its new partnership with PCIHIPAA, a leading Payments Card Industry (PCI) and HIPAA compliance provider. The partnership is focused on protecting MedPro clients from the onslaught of HIPAA violations which include ransomware attacks and data breaches impacting medical and dental practices throughout the United States.

According to the site (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services), over 870,000 patient records were breached just in the month of July 2018. Protected Health Information (PHI) continues to be under attack as hackers strive to monetize the stolen data on the dark web. The types of HIPAA violations most often identified are:

1. Impermissible uses and disclosures of protected health information (PHI)
2. Lack of technology safeguards of PHI
3. Lack of adequate contingency planning in case of a data breach or ransomware attack
4. Lack of administrative safeguards of PHI
5. Lack of a mandatory HIPAA risk assessment
6. Lack of executed Business Associate Agreements
7. Lack of employee training and updated policies and procedures

“At MedPro we are building a center of excellence for all healthcare providers. We vetted many HIPAA compliance providers and believe PCIHIPAA’s OfficeSafe Compliance Program is the right program to add to our current product suite. Our partnership adds to our waste management solution and aligns with our strategy to save healthcare providers time and money, said George Shanine, CEO, MedPro. “We are looking forward to working with PCIHIPAA and providing our clients with an added layer of savings, confidence, and peace of mind."

PCIHIPAA’s OfficeSafe Compliance Program provides a number of key features and benefits that enable busy practices and office managers to easily comply with HIPAA requirements. The OfficeSafe Compliance Program includes:

• HIPAA Policies and Procedures – a guided navigation to easily create, update, and record your HIPAA Policies and Procedures
• HIPAA Checklist – an easy checklist to follow the compliance status of your office
• Online HIPAA Employee Training – comprehensive training options for staff to provide insight into latest HIPAA Regulations
• HIPAA Compliance Webinars – education webinars to learn more about HIPAA Regulations
• PCI and HIPAA Data Breach, Non-Compliance, Privacy, Network Security and Ransom Insurance Coverage
• Identity Restoration for doctors and their families
• Encrypted Data Backup and E-mail Services
• Annual PCI Compliance and Certification (Annual SAQ / Quarterly IP Scans)

“We are excited about our partnership with MedPro. They have saved the healthcare industry millions of dollars on waste management services, and continue to push the envelope with helping healthcare providers. PCIHIPAA aligns closely with MedPro because we also help practices save time and money on Payment Card Industry and HIPAA compliance.” said Jeff Broudy, CEO of PCIHIPAA. “We are changing lives by removing the uncertainties surrounding compliance and patient data privacy and security issues. We find that many practices don't have the resources to navigate HIPAA law, and are unaware of even their most common vulnerabilities.”

About MedPro
MedPro was founded in 2009 out of a need for lower cost medical waste disposal services after hearing complaints about regular and frequent price increases within the waste disposal industry. The company began in Illinois and has grown into a premiere waste disposal company, servicing 44 of the 50 states. MedPro provides regulated pick-up, transportation, treatment and disposal services for regulated medical waste, biohazard waste, sharps, and pharmaceuticals (RX). They also provide a mail back sharps container service and safety compliance training.

PCIHIPAA is an industry leader in PCI and HIPAA compliance by providing turnkey, convenient solutions for its clients. Its OfficeSafe Compliance Program is “award winning” and takes the guesswork out of compliance while providing the assurance and insurance healthcare providers need to protect their future. PCIHIPAA was recently voted one of the Top 10 Healthcare Compliance Company’s of 2017. Learn more at and

Jeff Broudy
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Are people dying from what they don’t know?

Drug-Free World Foundation launches Truth About Drugs campaign to educate on emerging threat of synthetic drugs

The drug crisis is not just a problem for ‘others.’ Drug education is the responsibility of all citizens. It needs to be a shoulder to shoulder effort.”

— Rev. Susan Taylor

WASHINGTON, DC, USA, December 6, 2018 / — WASHINGTON, DC – The Foundation for a Drug-Free World announced its campaign for 2019 focus on educating people about the dangers of synthetic drugs. While many people are now aware of the opioid epidemic and how easily one can get addicted to prescription pain killers, synthetics are an emerging threat overwhelming our cities and medical infrastructure.

In June 2018, more than 300 people overdosed on tainted synthetic cannabinoid, also known as “K2” or “synthetic Marijuana”, in a two-week period in Washington, DC, alone. Three people died after using K2 the next month according to the medical examiner’s report.

Many of those working to prevent drug abuse have noted that those on the street have no idea what synthetic drugs are composed of or what they are ingesting when smoking or eating drug-laced foods including brownies, popcorn and cookies. With the internet today, anyone can create or order one or more of a multitude of synthetic drugs.

According to the DEA website, synthetic marijuana is “A synthetic version of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana, K2/Spice is a mixture of plant material sprayed with synthetic psychoactive chemicals. Often looks like potpourri and typically labeled ‘not for human consumption.’ Dangerous to purchase from Internet because its origins and chemical amounts are unknown. The ingredients and strength of products containing synthetic cannabinoids are almost impossible for the user to know.”

What happened in Washington is just a glimpse into what is occurring nation wide according to the Center for Disease Control and the Food and Drug Administration. According to National Public Radio, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says it is tracking multiple outbreaks across the country associated with synthetic cannabinoids use and The Food and Drug Administration is warning of “severe illness and death” that have resulted from the use of contaminated synthetic marijuana products in recent months in several states.

A wide range of government agencies and non-profits including the US Attorney’s Office, the Department of Behavioral Health, the Foundation for a Drug-Free World, the DC Prevention Centers, Court Services and Offenders Supervision Agency and the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner meet monthly to strategize on how to reach vulnerable populations.

“It is imperative that citizens educate themselves so in turn they can share the truth about drugs with their children, neighbors and co-workers. Knowing that drugs are poisons, knowing what dealers are lacing drugs with and knowing what is in the drug you are taking can save a person’s life,” said Drug-Free World Faith Liaison Rev. Susan Taylor of the Church of Scientology. “The drug crisis is not just a problem for ‘others.’ Drug education is the responsibility of all citizens. It needs to be a shoulder to shoulder effort.”

To respond and alert people to the new dangerous drug epidemic from synthetic drugs, Drug-Free World has started holding regular seminars and has distributed tens of thousands of its award-winning drug education booklets and videos throughout the Washington, DC, area at weekly drug education events.

The Foundation for a Drug Free World, a non-profit based out of Los Angeles, supported by the Church of Scientology, that focuses on grassroots level drug prevention and education and provides high quality materials to health counselors, teachers, Sheriff's departments and police, all over the world. Through the Foundation and its volunteers and partners, more than 62 million of the Foundation's educational booklets have been distributed, tens of thousands of drug awareness events have been held, and the Foundation's public service announcements have reached more than 260 million viewers in 123 countries. Successful uses of these materials are featured on the Scientology.TV network.

Susan Taylor
Drug Free World
+1 202-667-6404
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ArangoDB 3.4 Introduces Native Search Engine and Full GeoJSON Support

Over 40 New Features Added to Simplify Application Development

In 3.4 we have introduced ArangoSearch and extended the geo-spatial search capabilities of our database, which is a huge step forward for our technology.”

— Claudius Weinberger, CEO of ArangoDB

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, UNITED STATES, December 6, 2018 / — ArangoDB, the leading open source native multi-model database, today announced the GA release of ArangoDB 3.4 – a transactional database solution which enables developers to efficiently interact with multiple data models by using just one technology and one query language. Major new enhancements in ArangoDB 3.4 include ArangoSearch, a feature which transforms ArangoDB, when combined with traversals or joins in AQL, from a data retrieval to an information retrieval solution; and full GeoJSON Support enabled by a Google S2 Geo Index library integration.

ArangoSearch, the result of four years of research and development, combines Boolean and generalized ranking retrieval models (e.g. vector space model). Providing a rich set of information retrieval capabilities, ArangoSearch consists of 2 components – a search engine and an integration layer. The former is responsible for managing the index, querying and scoring, whereas the latter provides search capabilities for the end user in a convenient way. ArangoSearch can be combined with all three data models in ArangoDB. If used in conjunction with graph database capabilities, search results could be used, for example, to enhance fraud protection, individualize recommendations or simplify precision medicine.

Search uses a special kind of materialized view to enable full-text search on multiple collections at once. Within the view definition one can specify entire collections or individual fields that should be covered by an inverted index using one or several general text analyzers. In search queries expressed with AQL, you can rank the results using multiple scorers (TFIDF and BM25) even combined. Users can now perform relevance-based matching, phrase and prefix matching, search with complex Boolean expressions, query time relevance tuning and combine complex traversals, geo-queries, and other access patterns with information retrieval techniques.

ArangoDB 3.4 includes full support for GeoJSON, an open standard format designed for representing simple geographical features, along with their non-spatial attributes. The support encompasses all geo primitives, including multi-polygons or multi-line strings. In 3.4 there has been a distinct engineering focus on increasing query and filtering functionality and optimizing performance. To this end, 3.4 also includes a Google S2 Geometry Library integration which complements ArangoDB’s RocksDB storage engine. Additionally, users can directly visualize results in OpenStreetMap which is integrated into the Query Editor of ArangoDBs WebUI.

Other notable enhancements in ArangoDB 3.4 include:

– Query Profiler: to provide developers with more insight into complex queries, it is now possible to execute the query with special instrumentation code enabled resulting in a printed query plan with detailed execution statistics. It is now much easier to profile your queries and get insights into how much time was spent where.

– Cluster Management: enhancements include faster cluster startup, synchronization and query execution. To increase the reliability and predictability of the ArangoDB cluster, internal protocols and request handling have been significantly overhauled to improve cluster-wide query execution, an example being Distributed Collect.

– Streaming Cursors: at times the overall query performance is not a major priority, but rather how fast a user can obtain first results. Based on community feedback, 3.4 includes integrated streaming cursors which provides first results as they become available on the server.

– RocksDB is now the default Storage Engine: previous versions of ArangoDB used MMfiles as the default storage engine. With 3.4, this has changed to RocksDB. This provides numerous advantages to the user including optimized binary storage format, optional caching, reduced replication catch-up time, an exclusive collection access option, and enhanced WAL sync control.

A full list of all the new features is available here:

Claudius Weinberger, CEO of ArangoDB, said: “Improved usability and enhanced application performance are at the heart of every release we deliver. We are constantly reviewing the functionality of our native multi-model solution to ensure it competes, and in many cases outperforms single-model alternatives. In 3.4 we have introduced ArangoSearch and extended the geospatial search capabilities of our database, which is a huge step forward for our technology. Our commitment to innovation is reflected in the quantity of new features available in this release.”

About ArangoDB Inc.
One database, one query language and three data models. With more than 6 million downloads and over 6,800 stargazers on Github, ArangoDB is the leading native multi-model database. It combines the power of graphs, with JSON documents and a key-value store. ArangoDB lets you access and combine all of these data models with a single elegant, declarative query language.

ArangoDB is the simple, versatile and performant answer to many challenges facing developers, startups and enterprises today and in the future. Simplifying complexity and increasing productivity is the mission of ArangoDB Inc., the company behind the project.

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Press Contacts:
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Darren Cottom, Crow Public Relations
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ArangoDB Inc., 548 Market St
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Darren Cottom
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Improve Adherence By Reducing Injection Pain – New Study Shows 74% Less Pain With Buzzy Device

Buzzy vibration and Cool-Pulse™ neuromodulation technology significantly reduced adult intramuscular injection pain

Hospitals & global pharmaceutical cos. are giving patients Buzzy to improve adherence. This new study showing improved adherence and pain reduction supports a simple intervention to improve health.”

— Amy Baxter MD, CEO & Chief Medical Officer, Pain Care Labs

ATLANTA, GA, UNITED STATES, December 6, 2018 / — Millions of adults suffer from chronic diseases that are managed with injectable medications. Many of those patients either skip injections or consistently delay injecting the drug as prescribed. Research by Frost & Sullivan shows that reducing pain is a key to adherence. A new study out in November demonstrates a fast, inexpensive device that is widely used for intramuscular injections in hospitals and homes may change that.

Buzzy, manufactured by Pain Care Labs, is a vibrating ice pack used in over 5,000 hospitals and clinics to physically block needle pain. Last year, the company won the prestigious Frost & Sullivan "Local Pain Relief" technology leader award. In large independent studies, Buzzy has been proven equivalent to both the leading topical anesthetic and virtual reality. Initially intended for children, Buzzy is twice as effective as cold spray at stopping needle pain, with the most pronounced impact for adults. A new adult study shows even greater promise for IM injections.

This new study by Şahin M and Eşer İ randomized 65 adult patients receiving diclofenac sodium intramuscularly to receive Buzzy or standard care. Buzzy reduced injection pain 74%, with significantly increased patient satisfaction. Pain in the Buzzy group (n=33) was 4.67, while pain in the control group (n=32) was 17.69, p=.000. Satisfaction in the Buzzy group was 94.82, compared to 85.06 in the control group, also p=.000.

Dr. Amy Baxter, inventor of the Cool-Pulse™ neuromodulatory technology that powers Buzzy, expresses hope that drug manufacturers will consider needle pain in the patient journey toward health. “Adherence fuels patient health, but patients may not directly mention pain or fear as a barrier. Offering Buzzy is a simple, affordable adjunct to any injection regimen. When patients become more compliant, you know pain and fear were factors.”

About Pain Care Labs

Founded in 2006 by pediatric emergency doctor and pain researcher Amy Baxter MD FAAP FACEP, Pain Care Labs is on a mission to eliminate unnecessary pain. Using the physiologic technique of “gate control”, the devices block pain by stimulating the motion nerves (like TENS units) and cold nerve feedback system. Instead of electric shocks, Pain Care Labs determined the frequency that naturally stimulates the motion nerves with comfortable vibration. Unique intense ice packs reduce inflammation and add a powerful inhibitory pain relief called Descending Noxious Inhibitory Control. The company’s award-winning first device, Buzzy for Shots, created a new category of pain reliever. In 2017 the company was awarded the “Industry Leader in Local Pain Relief” from Frost & Sullivan. Buzzy is used worldwide and has blocked pain from over 31 million needles. VibraCool is used for athletic and post-operative pain. New DuoTherm Vibrating Back Pain reliever will be introduced at CES this January. See other projects and company information at

Jennifer Tipping
Pain Care Labs
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Tenley uses Buzzy for her Enbrel injection

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North East London NHS Foundation Trust provides fast, safe, and secure access to clinical applications with Imprivata

New solution delivers immediate time saving benefits, enabling clinicians and care givers to log in securely and quickly to essential clinical applications

North East London NHS Foundation Trust wanted to use technology to reduce risk, improve efficiency, and deliver the highest quality patient care – and has succeeded in achieving this ambition.”

— Dr. Sean Kelly, Chief Medical Officer, Imprivata

LONDON, UK, December 6, 2018 / — Imprivata®, the healthcare IT security company, has announced that North East London NHS Foundation Trust deployed Imprivata OneSign® Single Sign-On to speed up access to essential clinical applications whilst still maintaining security integrity. The solution, supplied via Imprivata reseller CDW, provides medical staff with fast, safe, and secure No Click Access® to applications using their employee smart cards. Password fatigue was a growing concern across the Trust with employee feedback forms revealing that 50 percent of staff admitted to having some form of password memory aid that was either visible or easily accessible. Since implementing Imprivata OneSign across the Trust, the ease of use has encouraged better cyber hygiene amongst employees and improved audit trails and data governance.

Addressing the respective needs of hospital-based staff and community field care teams can be challenging, however Imprivata OneSign has proved itself to be a one size fits all solution. Following deployment to more than 8,000 members of staff, across 150 sites within the trust, the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. David Haymes, Project Manager, North East London NHS Foundation Trust comments; “Once people saw how easy it was to access applications using Imprivata OneSign, we had little resistance. The impact was almost immediate; staff were no longer battling password fatigue but getting on with their day to day jobs without technology barriers. In feedback surveys, 81 percent of staff said the solution had made access to applications quicker and easier. This was a smoother transition than we had hoped.”

Prior to implementing Imprivata OneSign, the average user within the Trust accessed 8 different applications daily, taking 8-9 minutes to log in per user. With Imprivata OneSign, the ease and speed of No Click Access has motivated staff to keep their smart cards on them at all times. Login times have been dramatically reduced, increasing effectiveness and improving security, data governance, and audit trails. Quick and secure access to essential clinical applications, both on wards and within the community, has improved efficiency and delivered positive benefits to both patients and staff. Now, rather than battling with technology, staff are able to focus on patient care and utilise essential clinical applications quickly, making informed decisions without delays, and improving patient outcomes.

Since implementing Imprivata, the feedback has been so overwhelmingly positive from staff that the Trust will soon deploy Imprivata Spine Combined Workflow which will deliver the same fast, secure, No Click Access to NHS Spine-enabled applications at the point of care.

Eoin Perera, UK Healthcare Sales Manager at CDW said; “CDW see Imprivata and its solutions portfolio as a key technology partner for the NHS. Imprivata provides a solution that can be implemented to streamline access into the applications and services consumed by IT users, without over complicating the way users consume the IT service. Imprivata OneSign Single Sign On can remove the barriers of password complexity, improve security and efficiently allow users access to their services in a more timely manner, allowing medical staff to spend more time with patients, rather than struggling along with IT access.”

Dr. Sean Kelly, Chief Medical Officer at Imprivata commented; “North East London NHS Foundation Trust wanted to explore ways to use technology to reduce risk, improve efficiency, and deliver the highest quality patient care. The Trust has succeeded in achieving this ambition, and with the introduction of Imprivata Spine Combined Workflow, will soon be taking another step along the road to their digital transformation journey.”

Andreina West
PR Artistry
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Halfpenny Technologies partners with Nuance for Clinical Data Exchange Services

Robust clinical data to support Nuance solutions and drive clinical documentation excellence

BLUE BELL, PA, USA, December 6, 2018 / — Halfpenny Technologies, a leading provider of clinical data exchange solutions is pleased to announce a collaboration with Nuance Communications, Inc. (“Nuance”) to power Nuance clinical documentation excellence solutions with an expanded longitudinal view of patient records. Nuance solutions leverage Halfpenny Technologies cloud-based clinical data exchange services to ensure the right care team members have the right clinical information at the right moments of care.

“We are excited to partner with Nuance, a leader in the development of AI-powered solutions that are making a measurable difference in patient care,” said Tim Kowalski, President & CEO of Halfpenny Technologies. “The combination of our industry-leading clinical data exchange capabilities and Nuance’s AI-powered solutions offers the market unparalleled improvement opportunities.”

Said Michael Clark, SVP and General Manager of Provider Solutions at Nuance Communications, “Care teams need solutions that address issues with documentation quality at the source and help avoid the re-work that comes from inefficient processes. Timely access to the details in patient medical records is foundational to the success of any quality improvement effort. Our collaboration with Halfpenny Technologies makes it easy for our clients to access data in support of their critical mission.”

About Halfpenny Technologies
Halfpenny Technologies is a leading provider of healthcare interoperability solutions enabling meaningful clinical data exchange. Our cloud-based, fully-managed solutions provide hospitals, labs, health plans, pharmacies, and HIEs with a secure, vendor-neutral infrastructure that supports care coordination, care management, regulatory requirements and data analysis within and between healthcare organizations. To learn more, visit

Trademark reference: Nuance and the Nuance logo are registered trademarks or trademarks of Nuance Communications, Inc. or its affiliates in the United States and/or other countries. All other trademarks referenced herein are the property of their respective owners.

Contact Information
For Press
E-mail us:

Kirk Paul Kirkman, Chief Customer Officer
HalfpennyTechnologies, Inc.
+1 610-277-9100
email us here
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Foundation for a Drug Free World Announces Weekly Truth About Drugs Seminars

Adult helps kids take the Drug-Free Pledge at Seminar by Florida Chapter of the Foundation for a Drug-Free World

Free Seminars Empower Youth and Adults with True Information about Drugs and how to Prevent Drug Abuse

Drugs rob life of the sensations and joys which are the only reason for living anyhow.”

— L. Ron Hubbard

CLEARWATER, FL, US, December 6, 2018 / — The Foundation for a Drug-Free World Florida chapter is now offering weekly informational seminars, open to everyone, at no cost. The seminars use the group’s Truth About Drugs materials, delivering real information about drugs, their short-term and long-term effects, and the dangers of drug abuse.

Each seminar will take up a specific topic, such as cocaine, marijuana, prescription drugs, or addictive pain relievers, how to recognize the signs of drug abuse, or how to talk with your kids about drug abuse?

“Most people today are at least generally aware that drugs are a huge problem in today’s society,” says Julieta Santagostino, President of Drug Free World’s Florida Chapter. “But most do not know that the opioid epidemic is killing more Americans than car accidents. They also do not know how to talk to a teenager about drugs, or how to successfully encourage someone who is addicted to seek help.”

Seminars are held every Wednesday at 7:00PM at the Foundation for a Drug-Free World information center located at 41 North Fort Harrison Avenue, Clearwater, Florida, 33755.

The events are always free, and refreshments are served. Youth are encouraged to attend, along with their parents. Contact the center for RSVP at 727-467-6962 or

The Truth About Drugs materials are used by parents, teachers, counselors, law enforcement and many others who work with youth, providing true information to counter the lies and myths found in movies, social media, passed on by friends, and stated by drug dealers.

About the Foundation for a Drug-Free World:

The Foundation for a Drug-Free World is a non-profit, public benefit organization sponsored by the Church of Scientology and headquartered in Los Angeles, CA. L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology said, "Drugs rob life of the sensations and joys which are the only reason for living anyhow." The Foundation for a Drug-Free World provides educational materials, advice and coordination working with youth, parents, educators, volunteer organizations, and government agencies – anyone with an interest in helping people get the information they need to avoid drug abuse and addiction. The Truth About Drugs campaign booklets, in 22 languages, have reached millions of people all over the world. For more information visit:

Pat Harney
Church of Scientology Flag Service Organization
+1 727-467-6860
email us here

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Merck Foundation CEO together with The First Lady of Central African Republic meets 100 infertile women

H.E. MADAM BRIGITTE TOUADERA, The First Lady of Central African Republic, Dr. Rasha Kelej, CEO of Merck Foundation & President, Merck More Than a Mother and Dr Pierre Somse ,Minister of Health and Population C.A.R. addressing the group of infertile women

H.E. MADAM BRIGITTE TOUADERA, The First Lady of Central African Republic, Dr. Rasha Kelej, CEO of Merck Foundation & President, Merck More Than a Mother and Dr Pierre Somse ,Minister of Health and Population C.A.R. addressing the group of infertile women

H.E. MADAM BRIGITTE TOUADERA, The First Lady of Central African Republic and Dr. Rasha Kelej, CEO of Merck Foundation & President, Merck More Than a Mother during their special meting with more than 100 infertile women

BANGUI, CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC, December 6, 2018 / — Merck Foundation CEO, Dr. Rasha Kelej together with H.E. MADAM BRIGITTE TOUADERA, The First Lady of Central African Republic – C.A.R. & Merck more than a Mother Ambassador, conducted a special meeting with more than 100 infertile women who have been enrolled in the “Empowering Berna” to establish small businesses for them.

“Empowering Berna” is special project part of Merck more than a Mother campaign initiated by Merck Foundation for underprivileged infertile women who can no longer be treated, to establish small businesses and train them to be able to generate steady monthly income.

H.E. MADAM BRIGITTE TOUADERA, The First Lady of Central African Republic & Merck more than a Mother Ambassador emphasized “It is great initiative by Merck Foundation to empower our women by improving their access to information, knowledge and through capacity building to start their own business. Thus, they will be independent and lead a respectable life. This way they can comprehend their rights, roles and responsibilities and be more than mothers.”

Dr. Rasha Kelej, CEO of Merck Foundation & President Merck More than A Mother emphasized, “It is very important to empower infertile women by providing treatment so they can bear children as part of their human rights. But for those who cannot be treated anymore, our initiative ‘Empowering Berna’ will help to train them to establish their own small business so that they can be independent and re-build their own lives. We truly believe that a woman is a lot more than just a mother. We should also encourage men to speak up about their infertility and support their wives. We will also help young couple to find proper access to fertility care by providing training to fertility specialists as we did for oncologists and diabetes specialists. Our vision is to establish a strong platform of health specialists in the country and the rest of Africa”.

Merck Foundation also underscored their commitment to build healthcare capacity in the country. During the committee meeting, many new programs were finalized and launched in partnership with the Ministry of Health of C.A.R.

Merck foundation acknowledged and awarded the First Lady of Central African Republic for her efforts as “Merck more than a Mother” Ambassador in Central African Republic.

Dr. Rasha Kelej, CEO of Merck Foundation & President Merck More than A Mother, together with H.E. MADAM BRIGITTE TOUADERA, The First Lady of Central African Republic & Merck more than a Mother Ambassador pledged to support more childless women through Merck more than a Mother campaign. In partnership with the First Lady and ministry of health, Merck foundation will also provide clinical training on fertility specialty to improve access to quality and equitable fertility care in the country.

Merck Foundation has discussed with the H.E. President of Central African Republic, H.E. FAUSTIN-ARCHANGE TOUADÉRA, their long term partnership to build healthcare capacity in the country which he strongly endorsed and supported.

Merck Foundation also approved a list of candidates to be enrolled in their one and two year oncology fellowship program as a contribution to improve cancer care in the country. Moreover, they will also provide on-line diabetes diplomas in French for Doctors from C.A.R as well as cardiovascular preventive medicines fellowship in Asia.

About Merck Oncology Fellowship Program

The Merck Oncology Fellowship Program, a key initiative of Merck Cancer Access Program, focuses on building additional capacity through medical education and training.

The lack of financial means is not the only challenge in Africa and developing countries, but a scarcity of trained health care personnel capable to tackle the prevention, early diagnosis and management of cancer at all levels of the health care systems is even a bigger challenge.

Merck Oncology Fellowship Program focuses on building professional cancer care capacity with the aim to increase the limited number of oncologists in Africa and Developing countries. The program provides One-year fellowship program at Tata Memorial Centre – India, One and half-years Oncology Fellowship programs at University of Malaya – Malaysia, Two years Oncology Fellowship Program at University of Nairobi – Kenya and Two years Master degree in Medical Oncology at Cairo University – Egypt, in partnership with African Ministries of Health, Local Governments and Academia.

Launched in 2016, over 43 candidates from more than 21 African countries have rolled in the Merck Oncology Fellowship Program. The program will continue to build cancer care capability in African countries such as Botswana, Cameroon, CAR, Ethiopia, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Liberia, Mauritius, Namibia, Niger, Nigeria, Rwanda, Senegal, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia.

About ‘Merck More Than a Mother’ campaign;

In many cultures, childless women suffer discrimination, stigma, and ostracism. Their inability to have children results in great isolation, disinheritance, and assaults. “Merck More Than a Mother” empowers such women through the access to information, health, change of mindsets and economic empowerment.

As part of this Campaign, we started “Empowering Berna” project in Africa to help childless and infertile women starting their own business and thus achieve financial independence and become stronger and happier. The project has benefited more than 1,000 women across the continent.

Also, part of the campaign is our Merck Embryology & Fertility Training Program, a three-month hands-on practical course to establish the platform of fertility specialists across Africa and Asia.

Merck Foundation provided for more than 84 candidates, three months to six months clinical and practical training for fertility specialists and embryologists in more than 29 countries across Africa and Asia such as: Chad, Niger, Central African Republic, Cote D’Ivoire , Ghana, Ethiopia , Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania , Zambia , Nigeria, Benin, Mali, Burkina Fuso, Senegal, Guinea Conakry, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Cameron, Rwanda, Botswana, DR Congo , Congo Brazzaville, Gambia , Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Myanmar and Cambodia.

Merck Foundation is making history in many African countries where they never had fertility specialists or specialized fertility clinics before ‘Merck More Than a Mother’ intervention, to train the first fertility specialists such as; in Sierra Leone, Liberia, The Gambia, Niger, Chad, and Guinea.

Diana Mbaluka
Digisphere Consulting
736 466513
email us here

Merck Foundation launch with H.E. President and H.E. First Lady of Central African Republic

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Merck Foundation CEO avec la Première Dame de la République Centrafricaine rencontrent 100 femmes infertiles

H.E. MADAM BRIGITTE TOUADERA, The First Lady of Central African Republic, Dr. Rasha Kelej, CEO of Merck Foundation & President, Merck More Than a Mother and Dr Pierre Somse ,Minister of Health and Population C.A.R. addressing the group of infertile women

H.E. MADAM BRIGITTE TOUADERA, The First Lady of Central African Republic, Dr. Rasha Kelej, CEO of Merck Foundation & President, Merck More Than a Mother and Dr Pierre Somse ,Minister of Health and Population C.A.R. addressing the group of infertile women

H.E. MADAM BRIGITTE TOUADERA, The First Lady of Central African Republic and Dr. Rasha Kelej, CEO of Merck Foundation & President, Merck More Than a Mother during their special meting with more than 100 infertile women

BANGUI, CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC, December 6, 2018 / — Dr Rasha Kelej, Merck Foundation CEO, avec S.E. MADAME BRIGITTE TOUADERA, La Première Dame de la République Centrafricaine – R.C.A. & Ambassadrice de « Merck more than a Mother », ont organisé une réunion spéciale avec plus de 100 femmes infertiles inscrites au programme « Empowering Berna » afin d’établir de petits commerces à leur intention.
« Empowering Berna » est un projet spécial de la campagne « Merck more than a Mother » initiée par la Fondation Merck à l’intention des femmes infertiles défavorisées qui ne peuvent plus être traitées, afin de créer de petits commerces et de les former de manière à générer un revenu mensuel stable.
S.E. MADAME BRIGITTE TOUADERA, La Première Dame de la République Centrafricaine et Ambassadrice de ‘Merck more than a Mother’, a déclaré : « La Fondation Merck a pris une grande initiative d’autonomiser nos femmes en améliorant leur accès à l'information et au savoir et en renforçant leurs capacités pour créer leurs propres commerces. Ainsi, elles seront indépendantes et mèneront une vie respectable. De cette façon, elles peuvent comprendre leurs droits, leurs rôles et leurs responsabilités et être plus que des mères ».
Dr. Rasha Kelej, CEO Merck Foundation & President Merck More than A Mother, a déclaré : « Il est très important d’autonomiser les femmes infertiles en leur fournissant un traitement leur permettant d’avoir des enfants dans le cadre de leurs droits fondamentaux. Mais pour celles qui ne peuvent plus être traités, notre initiative ‘Empowering Berna’ contribuera à les former pour établir leur propres petits commerces afin de leur permettre d’être indépendantes et de rebâtir leur vie. Nous croyons vraiment qu'une femme est beaucoup plus qu'une mère. Nous devrions également encourager les hommes à parler de leur infertilité et à soutenir leurs épouses. Nous aiderons également les jeunes couples à trouver un accès adéquat aux soins de fertilité en offrant une formation à des spécialistes de la fertilité, comme nous l'avons fait pour des oncologues et des spécialistes du diabète. Notre vision est d’établir une plateforme solide de spécialistes de la santé dans le pays et dans le reste de l’Afrique ».
La Fondation Merck a également souligné leur engagement à renforcer les capacités en matière de soins de santé dans le pays. Au cours de la réunion du comité, de nombreux nouveaux programmes ont été finalisés et lancés en partenariat avec le Ministère de la Santé de la R.C.A.
La Fondation Merck a reconnu et remis un prix à la Première Dame de la République Centrafricaine pour ses efforts en tant qu'ambassadrice de « Merck more than a Mother » dans la République Centrafricaine.
Dr. Rasha Kelej, CEO Merck Foundation & President Merck More than A Mother, avec S.E. MADAME BRIGITTE TOUADERA, la Première Dame de la République Centrafricaine et Ambassadrice de ‘Merck more than a Mother’, ont promis de soutenir davantage de femmes sans enfant grâce à la campagne de ‘Merck more than a Mother’. En partenariat avec la Première Dame et le Ministère de la Santé, la Fondation Merck offrira également une formation clinique pour les spécialités de la fertilité afin d'améliorer l'accès aux soins de qualité et équitables dans le pays.
La Fondation Merck a discuté avec le Président de la République Centrafricaine, S.E. FAUSTIN TOUADORA leur partenariat à long terme pour renforcer les capacités de soins de santé dans le pays qu'il a fortement endossées et soutenues.
La Fondation Merck a également approuvé la liste des candidats à leur programme de bourses de formation en oncologie, d'une durée d'un an et de deux ans, à titre de contribution à l'amélioration des soins du cancer dans le pays. En outre, ils fourniront également des diplômes de diabète en ligne en Français pour les médecins de R.C.A, ainsi que des bourses de formation en médecine préventive contre les maladies cardiovasculaires en Asie.

À propos de « Merck Oncology Fellowship Program »

Le programme de bourses en oncologie « Merck Oncology Fellowship Program » est une initiative clé du « Merck Cancer Access Program », qui vise à renforcer les capacités à travers l’éducation et la formation médicales.

Le manque de moyens financiers n’est pas le seul défi en Afrique et dans les pays en voie de développement, mais la pénurie de personnel de santé qualifié capable de s’attaquer à la prévention, au diagnostic précoce et à la prise en charge du cancer à tous les niveaux des systèmes de santé est encore un plus grand défi.

« Merck Oncology Fellowship Program » se focalise sur le renforcement des capacités professionnelles en matière de traitement du cancer dans le but d’augmenter le nombre limité d’oncologues en Afrique et dans les pays en voie de développement. Le programme offre des bourses de formation d'un an au Tata Memorial Center – Inde, un programme de bourses de formation en oncologie d'un an et demi à l'Université de Malaya en Malaisie, deux années de formation en oncologie à l'Université de Nairobi au Kenya et deux ans de Master en oncologie médicale à Université du Caire – Égypte, en partenariat avec les ministères africains de la santé, des gouvernements locaux et des universités.

Lancé en 2016, plus de 43 candidats provenant de plus de 21 pays africains ont participé au « Merck Oncology Fellowship Program ». Le programme continuera à renforcer les capacités de prise en charge du cancer dans des pays africains tels que le Botswana, le Cameroun, la RCA, l’Éthiopie, la Gambie, le Ghana, la Guinée, le Libéria, Maurice, la Namibie, le Niger, le Nigéria, le Rwanda, le Sénégal, la Tanzanie et la Zambie.

À propos de la campagne « Merck More than a Mother » ;

Dans de nombreuses cultures, les femmes sans enfant souffrent de discrimination, de stigmatisation et d'ostracisme. Leur incapacité à avoir des enfants entraîne un grand isolement, l'exhérédation et des agressions. « Merck plus qu'une Mère » habilite ces femmes à travers l'accès à l'information, la santé, le changement de mentalité et l'autonomisation économique.

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Merck Foundation launch with H.E. President and H.E. First Lady of Central African Republic

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Digital laboratory infrastructure specialists, grit42, release Logistics app

Today, grit42 officially released its Logistics app, which works seamlessly together with grit42's platform and other applications.

COPENHAGEN, DENMARK, December 6, 2018 / — Today, grit42 officially released its Logistics app, which works seamlessly together with grit42's platform and other applications. The features of the Logistics app include stock room management, order handling, links to equipment like liquid handlers and plate readers, as well as plate- registration and management using barcodes.

Director of Development at grit42, Erik Lottrup Thomsen, states, "While this app is brand new, the basic ideas behind it go back almost 20 years, to grit42’s founding team working together at one of the leading danish pharma companies. There, we developed, installed, and ran several iterations of sample and logistics applications. Now, we’ve used our extensive experience to develop this new app, which is the perfect companion to our platform, enabling our users to track and link virtually anything.“

CEO of grit42, Claus Stie Kallesøe, continues, “As we’re very focused on our customers’ needs in the development process, we have received valuable feedback from our users at LEO Pharma. Last week we announced that DK-OPENSCREEN is a customer and I'm happy to share that the Logistics app is already under consideration by multiple other organisations.”

A unique feature of the platform and the Logistics app in combination, is that all the data is linked across the different disciplines and experiment types. For example, when a user selects a specific compound to be tested in vitro, grit42's platform tracks the actual compound from the physical location in the stock room, via the plate to the plate reader. The data is then linked directly to the relevant compound and batch, based on the knowledge of the logistics.

The tracking continues through the different discovery phases and when running in vivo experiments – or analyses from blood samples – all the data from the lab is linked back to the compounds. In addition, if grit42’s Animal Handling app is implemented as well, the data will be linked to any animals used.

In essence, grit42's platform and Logistics app deliver an intelligent foundation for securing quality data during all the phases of the drug discovery process. Apart from optimising the workflows, these concepts of grit42's platform delivers a perfect starting point for advanced analyses, like bioinformatics or machine learning.

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About grit42
Copenhagen-based grit42 focuses on integrating digital laboratory infrastructure with user-friendly day-to-day lab workflows, as well as handling compound and sample logistics, in order to ensure structured quality data across all the different pre-clinical drug discovery phases.

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