TVM Update: Pudendal/Ilioinguinal/Obturator Neuralgia = Immeasurable Injury

Ben Martin

Ben Martin

Pharmaceutical injury attorney, Ben Martin, comments on need for monetary justice against manufacturers of mesh slings/devices that cause neurological injuries.

I don’t mind saying it. I can’t believe these devices were put on the market in the first place, much less that they are still on it.”

— Ben Martin, Esq.

SANTA BARBARA, CA, UNITED STATES, September 25, 2020 / — Ben Martin, Esq. of Martin Baughman, national pharmaceutical injury attorney comments on the issues as it relates to monitory demands to defense manufacturers for the neurological injured clients that he represents from the vaginal mesh debacle.

“Our criteria for representation is generally the existence of specific neurological pain syndromes caused by transobturator slings, retropubic slings, and the devices used previously for pelvic organ prolapse. We intend to try these cases as the seriously injured and disabled women we represent with chronic pain syndromes knowingly caused by these manufacturers deserve compensation. I don’t mind saying it. I can’t believe these devices were put on the market in the first place, much less that they are still on it. The medical and scientific evidence is clear that transobturator slings cause pudendal and obturator neuralgia.

There is no amount of money that will make our clients whole. They simply want to get better as they deal with miserable pain. We are with them, and try our best to understand what they are going through though we know that we can never truly understand it.”

The Vigna Law Group targets the below transobturator (TOT) slings and mini-slings that cause pudendal and obturator neuralgia:

Ethicon: TVT-O, Abbrevo
Boston Scientific: Obtryx, Solyx
Coloplast: Aris, Altis

The Vigna Law Group targets the below retropubic slings that cause ilioinguinal neuralgia and Complex Regional Pain Syndrome:

Boston Scientific: Advantage Fit
Ethicon: TVT, TVT Exact
Coloplast: Supris

Dr. Vigna is a California and Washington DC lawyer who focuses on catastrophic neurological injuries caused by transvaginal mesh devices including pudendal neuralgia, obturator neuralgia, ilioinguinal neuralgia, and Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. He has clients with these diagnoses filed around the country with Martin Baughman, a Dallas Texas firm. Ben Martin and Laura Baughman are national pharmaceutical injury trial attorneys in Dallas, Texas.

To learn more on the anatomical basis for TOT injury or irritation to the obturator and pudendal nerve and the treatments of obturator and pudendal neuralgia click here.

Click here for a FREE BOOK on Vaginal Mesh Pain. For articles, video resources, and information visit the Pudendal Neuralgia Educational Portal or and visit for information regarding sling related complications.

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New BrainTrain TNT Reading System includes Neurofeedback

TNT is the fun way to learn to read, develop attention and build memory power.

RICHMOND, VA, USA, September 25, 2020 / — BrainTrain, maker of cutting edge, educational software, has released the TNT Reading series, software for children and adults that is designed to develop and enhance reading skills, sustained attention and working memory. TNT provides challenging game-like exercises to help young children develop their reading and comprehension skills. As children practice building their attention and memory power, they improve their mental processing speed, listening abilities and auditory discrimination – all of these skill sets are essential for increasing a child’s understanding and comprehension of what they read. TNT Reading is available for Kindergarten through 3rd Grade and TNT Reading Advance Edition (AE) can be used with adolescents and adults who wish to remediate their reading skills or improve their listening and auditory processing abilities.

The TNT Reading also includes the option to directly train a person’s mental alertness and concentration using its BrainPower Neurofeedback system. While learning to read, players are provided feedback about the mental state of being relaxed, alert, and focused. This option requires that a light-weight wireless Bluetooth MindWave headset be worn, that accurately measures a person’s mental state during training. Using the BrainPower add-on helps to develop C.H.A.R.M. — a Calm, Happy, Alert, and Relaxed Mental state. The C.H.A.R.M. system works while children simultaneously play the reading games; helping to boost their minds into a positive and relaxed mental state in order to enhance learning.

TNT Reading tailors its training exercises for each person. Children first take a series of tests that identify their strengths and weaknesses. The test results are then used to create a customized training plan unique for each child. Later, children can be re-tested and an up-to-date new training plan can be quickly created based on their progress. Using the TNT training plans, training exercises are automatically presented for the selected amount of time, which is typically 20 to 30 minutes per day. This training plan is easily modified by the teacher or parent and can be made more challenging or easier, as needed for a child. The success of TNT is based on the fact that it targets the skills necessary for developing reading proficiency and comprehension: letter recognition, phonemic awareness, phonic skills, mental processing speed, auditory discrimination, working memory and attention, plus TNT makes learning to read fun.

Research published in the Archives of Clinical Neuropsychology documents the success of TNT Reading when used at home by parents. The researchers found that “Children who received [TNT] working memory training showed significant increases in sustained auditory attention and sustained visual attention on performance-based measures, with reductions in reported symptoms of ADHD. In contrast, all but one child in the control group [Read Naturally Live, an evidence-based reading program] showed no change in attention, and none of the children in the control group had reductions in reported ADHD symptoms. Children in both groups showed similar outcomes for improvements in reading skills.” (Link:

For more information about TNT Reading, parents and educators are invited to visit the BrainTrain website at They can also email or call BrainTrain directly at 800-822-0538 and speak with our friendly staff to request a FREE trial of TNT.
About BrainTrain: BrainTrain, Inc. has been in the business of creating neuropsychological testing and training software since 1989, when neuropsychologist, Dr. Joseph A. Sandford, author and software developer, first released the Captain’s Log Cognitive Training Program. This original software helped form the foundation for many products to come, assisting people in developing their mental acuity and helping professionals improve the quality of their client’s lives.

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Duke and the Doctor Celebrate the Success of Charitable Campaign in Support of the Wounded Warrior Project

The Wounded Warrior Project is a non-profit organization providing a wide range of health and wellness resources to aid veterans and active duty service members

HENDERSON, NEVADA, UNITED STATES, September 25, 2020 / — Duke and the Doctor are pleased to announce the closing of their Charitable Campaign for the Wounded Warrior Project. After a highly successful fundraiser, they would like to thank all those who contributed monetary donations in support of veterans and active duty service members.

Duke Liberatore and his wife Dr. Jan McBarron are known for their long-running radio show, “Duke and the Doctor.” They launched the charitable campaign to support the Wounded Warrior Project and are proud to lend their support to those who have served while honoring members of their own family who sacrificed their lives for freedom.

"The Wounded Warrior Project helps people heal both mentally and physically" claims Dr. Jan McBarron, "It is an honor to help give back to those who have given up so much for us."

By offering an extensive range of services, the organization is transforming the way America's veterans are empowered, employed, and engaged with their communities. Their primary objective is to help warriors recover, and transition back into a normal civilian life.

For more information on the organization and its services, please visit their official website here.

About Duke and the Doctor

Hosted by Duke Liberatore and his wife Dr. Jan McBarron, their nationally syndicated Duke and the Doctor broadcast has been formally recognized as one of the "Top 100 Most Influential Nationally Syndicated Radio Shows." Duke founded, operated and after 24 years ultimately sold an extraordinarily successful chain of health food stores and Dr. Jan McBarron is an award-winning Bariatric Medical Doctor, author, and public speaker. For more than 20 years Duke and the Doctor answered calls from thousands of listeners and helped people on the way to better health and improved quality of life.

To Learn more, visit

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TIAG Awarded ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Certification

TIAG Achieves ISO 9001 27001

Companies that achieve ISO/IEC 27001:2013 have demonstrated a high standard of process and system management.

NQA ISO 2700

TIAG is very proud to be among these companies.

Leading technology innovation company meets rigorous international standards for IT operations and information security management best practices

This certification illustrates our serious, relentless commitment to ensuring the security of our customers’ information and data.”

— Neil Lampton, CEO and President of TIAG

RESTON, VA, USA, September 25, 2020 / — TIAG—an innovative technology company providing strategic, transformational solutions to private industry and
across the Department of Defense—is proud to share it was recently awarded its ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Certification.

ISO/IEC 27001 is the most widely used information security standard prepared and published by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), the world’s largest developer of international standards. ISO/IEC 27001:2013 specifies the requirements for establishing, implementing, maintaining, and continually improving an information security management system (ISMS) within the context of the organization. It also includes requirements for the assessment and treatment of information security risks tailored to the needs of the organization.

“This certification illustrates the serious commitment we take to ensure our customers’ information and data are secure,” shares Neil Lampton, CEO and President of TIAG, “Standards such as ISO/IEC 27001 help us continually improve our processes and ISMS and establishes a foundation for success as we set our sights on achieving the DoD’s new Cyber Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) in the near future.”

This standard and certification was selected specifically to validate TIAG’s ability to exceed the quality expectations and requirements of its customers. Certifying its ISMS against ISO/IEC 27001 allows TIAG to demonstrate and independently assure its internal controls, the security of business and customer information, and its ability to quickly identify and manage any risks and aggressively meet contractual and regulatory requirements.

“Business resilience is key to our success and the success of our customers. It’s inherent in our culture to continually increase the reliability and security of our systems and information—while at the same time making sure we’re always in alignment with our customers’ requirements,” shares Umang Modi, TIAG’s Managing Principal & Chief Strategy Officer.

The final audit report also noted two significant strengths of TIAG’s Information Security Management System including the seamless integration of its information security system, standards, and procedures with existing NIST 800:171, ISO 9001, and CMMI security and quality programs—and how well it maintained its business continuity management infrastructure and information security controls during crises and/or disasters.

“It is observed that all services are delivered securely without any compromise during Covid-19 pandemic crises. All core applications are maintained with high availability and redundant sources through fedRAMP cloud services where high availability results are in 99.9% or above,” stated the process audit report prepared by the globally recognized NQA Management Systems.

Companies that achieve ISO/IEC 27001:2013 have demonstrated a high standard of process and system management and TIAG is proud to be among these companies.

Umang Modi
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FREE Clinical Research Public Education Program to be Held Online on October 1

Focus on Clinical Trials to Develop New Treatments and Vaccines for Diseases Including COVID-19

The success of clinical trials depends on including a diverse and inclusive group of people representative of those who may receive the new therapy if it is approved for use.”

— Jonathan Jackson, Director of CARE Research Center

PHILADELPHIA, PA, USA, September 25, 2020 / — The Center for Information and Study on Clinical Research Participation (CISCRP) announces that it will be hosting an AWARE for All public education program on Thursday, October 1st, from 4-6pm EDT via a secure online platform. The program is free-of-charge and available to the general public. In addition to broad clinical research topics, some program material and exhibitors will also provide health and clinical trial information specific to the greater Philadelphia area.

CISCRP's AWARE for All Philadelphia program comes at a critically important time when public interest in learning about clinical trials is high and the need for study volunteers in all disease conditions – including COVID-19 clinical trials -has increased sharply. In addition, the importance of diversity and inclusion in clinical trials has intensified given the under-representation of minority patients in clinical research and the disproportionately high incidence and severity of COVID-19 cases among minority communities.

"We're really encouraging the general public to attend this important event," said Joan Chambers, Senior Director at CISCRP. "The program will answer a lot of key questions that the public wants to know about the clinical trials process, what to expect as a study volunteer, and the benefits and risks of participation."

The AWARE for All online program on October 1 will feature Dr. Jonathan Jackson from Massachusetts General Hospital and the Harvard Medical School as the keynote speaker. It will include a panel discussion among patients and researchers sharing their real experiences in clinical research. Attendees will have an opportunity to ask questions, participate in two health exercises, and visit a virtual educational health fair connecting with local and national community health advocates and researchers. A virtual theater will also be available presenting educational videos.

"Clinical research awareness is vital to the success of clinical trials," added Dr. Jonathan Jackson, Ph.D., Director of the Community Access, Recruitment, and Engagement (CARE) Research Center. "The success of clinical trials also depends on including a diverse and inclusive group of people representative of those who may receive the new therapy if it is approved for use."

Supporters of this event include Albert Einstein Healthcare Network, Drexel University College of Medicine, Greenphire, Lazarex Cancer Foundation, National Alliance on Mental Health – Montgomery County chapter, Allergy & Asthma Network, Fox Chase Cancer Center, TREND Community and the AWARE Industry Consortium.

The public is encouraged to register to attend AWARE for All Philadelphia by visiting the Eventbrite page. Please call 877-633-4376 or visit for more information.

The Center for Information and Study on Clinical Research Participation (CISCRP) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to engaging the public and patients as partners in the clinical research process. CISCRP provides free education and outreach to the general public and patient communities. Visit for more information or to participate in CISCRP's educational initiatives. For additional questions about AWARE for All, contact or call 877-633-4376.

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i360 Healthcare introduces new advances to Deliver Outstanding Live Clinical Care (Remote Patient Monitoring)

Silicon Valley-based i360 Healthcare announced today that they have introduced a new and advanced system for Remote Patient Monitoring.

CUPERTINO, CA, UNITED STATES, September 25, 2020 / — i360 Healthcare introduces new Clinical Systems to Deliver Outstanding Live Clinical Care, has Partnered with CareHalo to provide Remote Patient Monitoring

Cupertino, CA September 25, 2020 — Silicon Valley-based i360 Healthcare announced today that they have introduced a new and advanced system for Remote Patient Monitoring with advanced healthcare clinical monitoring and patient interaction services to the marketplace.

i360 Healthcare has become a trusted healthcare consulting company for hospitals, accountable care organizations and physicians groups across the United States. Their mission is to help their customers navigate the rapidly changing landscape and assure all compliance standards while providing the consumer of remote patient monitoring access to quick clinical decisions.

i360 Healthcare digitally connects patients and providers, through its i360 fully interoperable healthcare IT platform to allow physicians access to provide virtual technology, remotely monitor and adjust clinical care plans between provider office visits. The i360 platform collects patient vitals and biometrics via multiple, patient-centric healthcare IoT devices and natural language processors, analyzes the data and simultaneously populates multiple EMRs/EHRs with the patient health information in their native format as defined by the organizations clinical team.

Steve C. Lipp, Chief Executive Officer and President of i360 Healthcare, has extensive experience in finance and management. He has been part of executive team for over 8 years.

“We are driving the market in using a proven healthcare technology to become a leader as a clinical care partner. We believe this is the way of the future to offer enterprise solutions to meet the global needs of our customers. We are focused on being a center of excellence with our partners to bring an added benefit to our clients,” said Lipp.

Dr. David A Wanner, EdD, Chief Administrative Officer of i360 Healthcare, has extensive C-Suite experience in healthcare enterprises.

“Our new systems and extensive clinical monitoring brings a new layer of dynamic capabilities to I360 Healthcare. While our i360 platform has long had the capability of delivering telehealth and remote monitoring services to patients, we can now offer a robust, patient clinical care to our customers on an instantaneous basis. We are focused on moving forward to become an industry leader in this space.”

“We now have access to a national team of medical providers and specialists. We are very excited to leverage their technology to provide hospitals and payers with a comprehensive solution to Remote Patient Monitoring and Chronic Disease Management. We are confident that our partnership will not only improve health outcomes, but do so at a lower cost of care,”

About i360 Healthcare

i360 Healthcare is a digital health innovator using technology to connect patients and providers through its interoperable platform that bridges between wearable devices and patient care. i360 provides hundreds of predefined treatment plans, with the ability to customize, combine and manage any number of devices, caregivers and patient groups, while using your EMR/EHR – with a focus on 24/7 clinical support to ease the chronic disease management and remote patient monitoring burden on payers, hospitals, providers, home health, care givers and patients. and customizable to meet the unique needs of the patient populations. The company’s providers include internist, specialist, nurse practitioners, dietitians, and medical assistants – all acutely focused on driving improved health incomes and better quality of life for its members. i360 Healthcare services drive results in improving health outcomes and driving down the cost of care.

Visit to learn more. Follow us on LinkedIn.

For more information:

See our Videos at:

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OrthoCollier to Offer Saturday Morning Fall Youth Sports Clinic

Naples-based OrthoCollier will provide a Saturday Morning Fall Youth Sports Clinic to students who sustained an injury during fall youth sports season.

Untreated sports injuries can cause serious long-term issues.”

— Dr. Patrick Joyner

NAPLES, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, September 25, 2020 / — Four physicians at Naples-based OrthoCollier – Dr. Michael Havig, Dr. Chirag Patel, Dr. Patrick Joyner, and Dr. Courtney Bell – along with physician assistant and nursing staff, will provide a Saturday Morning Fall Youth Sports Clinic to any youth athlete that requires medical treatment of an injury as a result of their participation in a school sports competition during the fall youth sports season.

Youth athletes and their parents can walk-in (no appointment necessary) to OrthoCollier’s main office located between Goodlette-Frank Road and U.S. 41 at 1250 Pine Ridge Road, Suite 202, anytime between 9:00 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. on Saturday mornings starting Saturday, September 26, 2020 and obtain immediate medical attention for an injury caused by participation in a youth fall sports competition.

“Untreated sports injuries can cause serious long-term issues,” said Dr. Joyner, who, along with his partners, volunteers as the on-site physician at many local high school football games. “The Saturday Morning Fall Youth Sports Clinic is our way of making sure these young athletes receive medical attention for injuries that can’t wait to be treated but might not require an emergency room visit.”

Every Saturday Morning Fall Youth Sports Clinic team will be led by a board-certified orthopedic surgeon who will oversee injury assessments, physical therapy, x-rays, casting, and splinting. OrthoCollier, a division of Neuroscience & Spine Associates, also provides TeleHealth services, which can be requested on its website and are offered during normal business hours.

No primary care referral is necessary to receive immediate medical attention at OrthoCollier’s Saturday Morning Fall Youth Sports Clinics. Youth athletes who are uninsured or whose families are low-income will not be turned away.

OrthoCollier physicians volunteer as team doctors during Immokalee, Palmetto Ridge, Naples, Bonita Springs and Estero high school football games. OrthoCollier’s Saturday Morning Fall Youth Sports Clinics will be offered on a first-come, first-serve basis at 1250 Pine Ridge Road, Suite 202, Naples, Florida. To request an appointment during normal business hours, call (239) 325-1135. More information on OrthoCollier’s services and staff can be found at

Mollie Page
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Peter Light Maine: Finding the Right Senior Care for Your Loved One

As your elderly parent or loved one ages, it may be time to consider hiring a senior caregiver to provide the companionship and/or care he or she requires

SOUTH PORTLAND, MAINE, UNITED STATES, September 25, 2020 / — Peter Light Maine: Finding the Right Senior Care for Your Loved One

As your elderly parent, relative, or loved one ages, it may be time to consider hiring a senior caregiver to provide the companionship and/or care he or she requires. Peter Light Maine of Amada Senior Care is one option for quality care in the home. However, if you are wondering what to look for in an exceptional, compassionate, caregiver, here are some things consider during your search.

Peter Light Freeport: Understand the Needs of the Elder

The first step to finding the right senior care, according to Peter Light Freeport, is to determine what needs your loved one will need help with. This may include basic hygiene needs (bathing, grooming, etc.), mobility assistance, or perhaps they need to be driven to appointments. Create a list of needs he or she will need help with to find the right person or agency to hire.

Peter Light Maine: Know What You Can Afford

Depending on the years of experience the caregiver has, their educational level, and the amount of care the elder will need, senior care can be costly. If other members of your family will be assisting with the cost, pick a time to meet and discuss how much everyone is willing to pay. If you are covering the costs alone, go over your current expenses and income to come up with a number that can be feasibly paid. Some caregivers are affordable and have a great deal of experience, such as Peter Light Freeport. Take the time to research all affordable options before making your decision.

Peter Light Freeport: Ask for References

Do you have a friend or acquaintance who has had the task of finding home care for their loved one? Give them a call to find out what senior care professional they trust and what fees can be expected. One of the best ways to find a caregiver that you can trust to reliably care for the elder in your life is through word of mouth. Do not be afraid to contact people in your life whose opinion you trust to find the right person for the job.

Peter Light Maine: Set up the Interview

Once you have narrowed your list of potential caregivers down, it is time to conduct the interview. Before this phone call or meeting, create a list of questions you may have, such as whether or not that individual has experience helping someone with similar needs as your loved one.

Peter Light Freeport: Conduct a Background check

Did you finally decide who you should hire for the job? That is great news, but your job of seeking the professional your loved one needs is not done. The last step is to conduct a background check. This is the perfect opportunity to determine if there are any skeletons he or she has in his or her closet that was not mentioned in the interview. Do not skip this step as your loved one needs someone that can be trusted.
For those who do not know what to expect when hiring a senior caregiver, the process of hiring the right person can be a scary one. By following these steps, you are sure to find a great companion for the elder, such as Peter Light Maine.

Caroline Hunter
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Emil Malak Pens an Op-ed: Could Continuous Rapid Testing Eliminate the Need for Lockdowns?

Emil Malak, CEO Voip-Pal, well versed in global politics, culture and health


CEOCFO Magazine logo

Emil Malak presents his Testing Plan that Would Allow all Businesses to Reopen Inc. (OTCQB:VPLM)

We need to accept the fact that the coronavirus is not going to disappear the way MERS and SARS did. COVID-19 is a completely different animal and it will be with us for years.”

— Emil Malak

WACO, TEXAS, US, September 25, 2020 / — CEOCFO Magazine, an independent investment publication that highlights important technologies and companies, today announced it has published an op-ed ( by Voip-Pal CEO Emil Malak. Inc., Voip-Pal (OTCQB: VPLM), a Bellevue, Washington based company is an inventor and pioneer of the switching technology now being used by many of the world's largest telecommunication and social networking companies, without which they could not connect Landline phone calls to Internet phone calls. Mr. Malak has other business ventures and is well versed in global politics and culture.

In this most recent article Mr. Malak urges businesses to think “outside the box” and come up with solutions to keep the economy open. Malak wrote, “Businesses can provide their own solutions, by thinking outside the box and leaving cumbersome government bureaucracy behind. Business owners need to take matters into their own hands while abiding by the law. I have proposed a way to accomplish widespread rapid testing by placing converted ambulances as mobile testing centers on every corner.

Since the start of the pandemic, Emil Malak has advocated for widespread rapid testing as the way to keep the economy open and allow people to freely go about their business. Adding to his previous proposal of converting ambulances into mobile testing units, Mr. Malak has a new proposal for rapid result COVID-19 testing booths. Malak suggests, “Rapid results self-testing machine booths can be placed in business establishments and public buildings so people can regularly test themselves for the virus. These booths would be equipped with testing machines that deliver instant results to the person’s mobile phone within 2 to 5 minutes.” He continues, “Additionally, rapid results self-testing machine booths can be placed in business establishments and public buildings so people can regularly test themselves for the virus. These booths would be equipped with testing machines that deliver instant results to the person’s mobile phone within 2 to 5 minutes.”

Mr. Malak also discusses the recent rise in Coronavirus cases throughout Europe, saying, “On September 17th, the World Health Organization (WHO) issued a warning about the recent spike in coronavirus cases across Europe, calling the new surge in cases “alarming.” They labeled it as a "very serious situation" unfolding across the continent. In recent days, Europe has experienced the biggest rise in daily coronavirus cases since the virus began. France, Spain, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, and Belgium are seeing record numbers of new cases. Even Israel is now imposing a second lockdown after seeing 4000 new cases in a single day last week. French President Macron has also raised the possibilities of forcing another nationwide lockdown. German Chancellor Angela Merkel has said the coronavirus pandemic is likely to worsen in coming months. Enforcing a draconian style lockdown is not as easy to do in western democracy as it is in autocratic China. We need to accept the fact that the coronavirus is not going to disappear the way MERS and SARS did. COVID-19 is a completely different animal and it will be with us for years.”

Malak also pointed out how lockdowns have failed and have society. “Lockdowns have proven to be mostly futile as evidenced by what is taking place in Europe right now. They are going back to the same numbers they had at the beginning of the pandemic. People’s lives cannot be put on hold any longer, especially knowing the virus will be back. The economy must keep moving.”

Bud Wayne
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CBD Products Inc Launches ‘Cannabinoid Balance’ With Nanozorb™ Technology

cannabinoid Balance

Cannabinoid Balance focuses improving symptoms by showing the transparency and integrity they believe the industry needs to display to reassure the consumer.

Our specially formulated products combine cannabinoids & active natural ingredients that are linked to relieving pain, aiding sleep, reducing inflammation, easing anxiety and lowering blood pressure.”

— Anthony Tribunella

LA JOLLA, CA, UNITED STATES, September 25, 2020 / — CBD Products Inc. is a multi-channel cannabidiol life company, established in 2018 to collate and publish cannabinoid news, research and clinical trials from around the world, to an increasingly engaged audience.

In the two years since it launched, CBD Products Inc. has published hundreds of articles and gained insights on more than 25,000 cannabinoid consumers. In doing so, the California based company came to realize that the industry was facing a crisis of consumer trust associated with lower barriers to entry and a perceived reduction in quality.

Because of this, CBD Products Inc. sought out the top U.S cannabinoid producers and manufacturers with the sole intention of crafting a product that restores U.S consumer confidence in the compounds that CBD Products Inc. believe will fuel the ‘healthcare movement of a generation’.

According to CBD Products Inc. founder Anthony Tribunella, who has been in the industry for more than ten years; “Over the past eighteen months, I have watched the quality in the cannabinoid industry deteriorate. Via CBD World News, CBD Pet and CBD, I have witnessed first hand, the conjecture of consumers who are desperately seeking a product they feel they can trust. My intention was never to start a consumer brand, but having heard the feedback on what’s available, I felt duty bound to deliver a product line that goes back to basics, i.e. ‘honest cannabinoids, simply balanced.”

Cannabinoid Balance for symptoms, rather than conditions…
Because the science of cannabinoids is still in its relative infancy, the team behind Cannabinoid Balance focus on their products supporting the symptoms of conditions, as opposed to the underlying conditions themselves. This is their way of showing the transparency and integrity they believe the industry needs to display, in order to reassure the consumer. As Anthony affirms; “we believe in supporting the relief of symptoms, rather than claiming to be a miracle cure. That’s why each of our specially formulated Cannabinoid Balance products combines cannabinoids and active natural ingredients that are linked to relieving pain, aiding sleep, reducing inflammation, easing anxiety and lowering blood pressure.”

Experience, science and effectiveness…
Like all great products, Cannabinoid Balance is inspired by personal experience, but delivered with a primal passion to give the consumer the most impactful CBD experience possible. For Cannabinoid Balance, this is only achieved when their cannabinoids are delivered effectively and efficiently, and for them, this all starts with the inclusion of proprietary NanoZorb™ Technology.

Nano Technology supports fast absorption of cannabinoids and terpenes into the bloodstream. By using NanoZorb™ in our products, we can make CBD intake more efficient and by bypassing the digestive tract, we can counter the CBD degradation that occurs during digestion. Cannabinoid Balance is made with NanoZorb™ technology in an FDA registered facility, so you can rest assured that it is safe and effective. It is all-natural and free of synthetics, sugar, binders, fillers, wax, shellac, talcum, and animal gelatin. It contains no yeast, wheat, corn, soy, gluten, salt, dairy, artificial flavors, sweeteners, colors, or preservatives.

Using NanoZorb™ Technology makes Cannabinoid Balance fast-acting, more stable, and ensures that our products offer increased bioavailability as well as increased cellular penetration, activity & function.

It sounds like something out of a Science Fiction movie, but this incredible real-life science is safe, simple, and effective. Nanotechnology describes the creation of minute particles, so small in fact, that millions of them could fit on to just one pinhead. These tiny particles are small enough to be absorbed directly into the bloodstream and delivered to every cell. This means that unlike traditional delivery methods, the constituents being delivered, in our case CBD and terpenes, get to work as quickly as possible. This makes the product more efficient and therefore more cost-effective per mg. In fact, because of the NanoZorb™ technology in Cannabinoid Balance, your body only needs 10% of the normal dosage to experience the same effect.

Cannabinoid Balance Products are:

Crafted from registered organic USA hemp
Non-THC / Non-GMO and CO2 Extracted
Free from Winterization, Decarboxylation, and pesticides
Formulated using proprietary NanoZorb™ Technology

And the launch line-up Includes:

Cannabinoid Balance Original+ (1,000mg and 3,000mg)
Cannabinoid Balance Sleep+ (1,000mg)
Cannabinoid Balance CBD Gummies+ (750mg)
Cannabinoid Balance Pain Relief Cream+ (1000mg)
Cannabinoid Balance Pet+ (250mg)

Cannabinoid Balance is brought to consumers by a team of scientists and researchers who constantly strive to deliver a ‘better’ CBD experience in their FDA registered laboratory. They are pharmaceutical grade and adhere to the strictest guidelines. They therefore contain no binders, fillers, excipients, dyes, or unknown substances, are 100% THC free, and produced with organic cannabinoids derived only from U.S. registered hemp.


CBD Products Inc. is a multi-channel, CBD publishing and retail company established in 2018 that owns and operates, and In the last year CBD Products Inc. has welcomed more than 25,000 people to their sites and offered information and resources across more than 100,000 page views.

CBD Products Inc. is also the owner of Cannabinoid Balance. A line of consumer products that includes Cannabinoid Balance Original+, Cannabinoid Balance Sleep+, Cannabinoid Balance CBD Gummies+, Cannabinoid Balance Pain Relief Cream and Cannabinoid Balance Pet+. These products are sold via and include proprietary NanoZorb™ Technology designed to make Cannabinoid Balance products more effective and efficient.

It was founded by Anthony Tribunella in 2018. Anthony has worked in all aspects of the industry from growing to production, to publishing and retailing. With more than a decade of experience in CBD and a passion to see the industry become organized and honest, Anthony is rapidly becoming a shining light, thought leader and conscience for the industry he cares so deeply about.

For more information on CBD Products Inc. please visit or email

Ian Parkes
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