NACCHO Recognizes Local Health Department Efforts to Increase HIV Testing to Ending the HIV Epidemic

June 27 is National HIV Testing Day

WASHINGTON, DC, UNITED STATES, June 26, 2019 / — Every year, National HIV Testing Day is observed on June 27 to raise awareness of the importance of HIV testing and diagnosis. An estimated 1.1 million people in the United States are living with HIV, and 1 in 7 – or nearly 165,000 people – are unaware of their diagnosis. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that everyone between the ages of 13 and 64 is tested at least once as part of routine healthcare and more frequently for those with specific risk factors. The National Association of County and City Health Officials (NACCHO), the voice of the country’s nearly 3,000 local health departments, recognizes the life-saving efforts of its members as they work every day to keep their communities safe and healthy.

Local health departments are essential partners in increasing the number of people who are aware of their HIV status and connecting individuals to HIV prevention and care services, regardless of status. Local health departments provide HIV testing at clinics and through community outreach efforts. To ensure that HIV testing is available to all people in all communities, and that testing efforts are reaching priority populations, including communities of color, gay and bisexual men, transgender men and women, youth, and people who inject drugs, local health departments work in partnership with community-based organizations, community members, and healthcare providers.
“On National HIV Testing Day, NACCHO commends local health departments across the country who work each day to help individuals in their community know their status, get linked to care, and build community-level partnerships to support our nation’s push towards ending the epidemic,” said NACCHO Chief Executive Officer Lori Tremmel Freeman. “As an organization, we are committed to supporting local health departments and advocating on their behalf to ensure the necessary resources and capacity for increasing access to HIV testing, reducing disparities in HIV outcomes, and ensuring that our nation’s plan to end the HIV epidemic in the U.S. is a success.”

To observe this awareness day, local health departments are hosting and participating in testing events and using health communication resources to raise awareness of the importance of HIV testing in ending the HIV epidemic. For example, through the National HIV Testing Day Community Partnership, health departments and HIV/AIDS service organizations are working with Walgreens and Greater Than AIDS to broaden the reach of HIV testing and information in non-traditional settings and help people understand the latest in HIV prevention, treatment, and care. This year, more than 265 community partners are supporting the 2019 Testing Day activation, which will provide free HIV testing in participating Walgreens stores in more than 260 cities including San Antonio. “The San Antonio Metropolitan Health District is committed to reducing HIV infections and raising awareness about HIV in collaboration with Greater Than AIDS and Walgreens by providing free HIV testing throughout San Antonio on Thursday, June 27, 2019,” said Anita Kurian, Assistant Director of Communicable Disease at the San Antonio Metropolitan Health District. “Approximately 18% of people who are infected with HIV in San Antonio are unaware of their HIV status; therefore, we encourage all people to be tested on National HIV Testing Day, but also adopt HIV testing as a part of their regular health and wellness check-ups.”


The National Association of County and City Health Officials (NACCHO) represents the nation's nearly 3,000 local health departments. These city, county, metropolitan, district, and tribal departments work every day to protect and promote health and well-being for all people in their communities. For more information about NACCHO, please visit

Theresa Spinner
National Association of County and City Health Officials
+1 202-783-5551
email us here

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Stress Relief The Modern Way: Articles That Use Humor, Connections, and Personal Reflection to Boost Your Mental Health

Stress relief through peer support at Supportiv, The Support Network

Supportiv, the peer support network for getting stuff off your chest anonymously, announces its latest article collection for relieving stress.

We wanted to create resources that help people see reflections of their own struggles in others – to show how helpful it is to not feel alone.”

— Pouria Mojabi, Co-Founder, Supportiv

BERKELEY, CA, USA, June 26, 2019 / — Supportiv, the peer support network that matches users into real-time, topic-specific peer groups for anonymous peer support on any life struggle –from anxiety to burnout, childhood issues to daily life struggles– announces its latest article collection, sharing modern perspectives and crowdsourced tips to relieve all kinds of stress.

Helena Plater-Zyberk, Supportiv Co-Founder, discusses a large root cause of stress: “Stress accumulates easily when we ignore parts of our lives or ourselves. Holding in emotions allows them to build on each other. So when we stop addressing personal sources of stress, we invite feelings like depression, anxiety, or burnout.”

Pouria Mojabi, Co-Founder, continues: “On the other hand, when we see our struggles in a relatable, funny, or at least manageable light, we can grapple with them more effectively. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and shut down when you think your problems are unusual or unstoppable. So we wanted to create resources that help people see reflections of their own struggles in others – to show how helpful it is to not feel alone.”

Whether it’s learning self-management skills to keep on top of daily life, how to connect more authentically with others, or how to use your emotions to feel better, you’ll find tools in this collection to relieve stress and feel a little better about life.

Key topics covered include:
– You Know You Have A Dysfunctional Family When…
– The Best Tweets From #HowIFightDepression
– The Ultimate Guide To Re-Parenting Yourself
– Depression Memes For When You Need To Laugh
– Peer Support in 2019: Your Choices
– Happy Self-Parenting Day: Signs You Self-Parented and How To Celebrate
– The 11 Most Honest Grief Quotes On The Internet
– 30 Movies To Watch When You’re Feeling Stressed
– 8 Dysfunctional Family Quotes To Ease Your Struggle
– The Problem With “How Are You?”
– Understanding Your Sexual and Gender Identity: A Guide

Find articles to calm you down and reduce built-up stress at New articles and resources added regularly.

Feel less overwhelmed, and start conquering your stress, with Supportiv. Supportiv has already helped over 65,000 users feel less dejected, anxious, hopeless, and alone through its moderator-guided chats with AI-driven content and resource recommendations. It is available instantly, and is free for your first 24 hours, at

Helena Plater-Zyberk
+1 800-845-0015
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CCHR Says Federal and State Investigations Needed into Soaring Psychotropic Drug Use, Suicides and Violence

CCHR’s mission is to eradicate abuses committed under the guise of mental health and enact patient and consumer protections.

CCHR’s mission is to eradicate abuses committed under the guise of mental health and enact patient and consumer protections.

CCHR campaign launched to educate law enforcement, policy makers and school officials about violence- and suicide-inducing drug risks

CCHR campaign launched to educate law enforcement, policy makers and school officials about violence- and suicide-inducing drug risks

Researchers took the FDA ADR data and identified 25 psychotropic drugs that are disproportionately associated with violence.

Researchers took the FDA ADR data and identified 25 psychotropic drugs that are disproportionately associated with violence.

Of 409 psychiatric drug agency warnings, 49 warn of self-harm, suicidal ideation, 27 warn of violence, mania, psychosis, hostility and homicidal ideation.

Preventing suicides and acts of mass violence must include the recognition of how psychotropic drugs can drive a person to hurt themselves or others.”

— Citizens Commission on Human Rights

CLEARWATER, FL, UNITED STATES, June 26, 2019 / — In the wake of recent reports of suicide increases, the mental health watchdog Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) urges Congress and state governments to implement greater oversight of soaring psychotropic drug prescribing and their links to suicide and acts of violence. Where a death is categorized as a suicide, the group urges that it be registered whether the person was taking or withdrawing from psychotropic drugs at the time, as they can induce suicidal and violent behavior.

The group was responding to a Harvard Medical School study published in JAMA in June 2019, which found the rate of suicide among 15- to 24-year-olds climbed in 2017 to its highest point according to U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report. The Harvard researchers pointed out, “The research had some limitations, including that the causes of death in the data were based on death certificates, which can be subject to error.” [1]

CCHR recommends that in all suicides there should blood tests for psychotropic drugs and the findings registered to study the role of these drugs in suicides.
Despite Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warnings that antidepressants may induce suicidal behavior in those younger than 24, IQVia Total Patient Tracker Database for 2017, reported 2.1 million 0-17 year olds were prescribed the drugs, of which 1,503,185 were aged 13-17. All told, there were 7.2 million children and adolescents taking psychiatric drugs. [2]

One in every eight Americans over the age of 12 reported recent antidepressant use, according to the CDC. Between 1999 and 2014, the number of Americans who said they had taken an antidepressant over the past month rose by 65 percent, a 2017 government survey also found. [3]

Suicide and Violence

In a published response to a BMJ article, “Antidepressants and murder: case not closed,” Professor Peter C. Gotzsche of Nordic Cochrane Centre in Copenhagen warned that the FDA admitted in 2007 that SSRI antidepressants “can cause madness at all ages and that the drugs are very dangerous.” Quoting the FDA: “All patients being treated with antidepressants for any indication should be monitored appropriately and observed closely for clinical worsening, suicidality, and unusual changes in behavior….” In adult and pediatric patients, antidepressants can cause: anxiety, agitation, panic attacks, insomnia, irritability, hostility, aggressiveness, impulsivity, akathisia (psychomotor restlessness), hypomania, and mania. [4]

Professor Gotzsche pointed out, “People cannot be monitored every minute and many have committed SSRI-induced suicide or homicide within a few hours after everyone thought they were perfectly okay.”

• Researchers looked at 64,381 pages of clinical study reports (70 trials) from the European Medicines Agency. These showed that SSRIs in comparison with placebo increase aggression in children and adolescents, odds ratio 2.79. “This is an important finding considering the many school shootings where the killers were on SSRIs,” the researchers said.
• In a systematic review of placebo-controlled trials in adult healthy volunteers, antidepressants double the occurrence of events that the FDA has defined as possible precursors to suicide and violence, odds ratio 1.85.
• “It can no longer be doubted that antidepressants are dangerous and can cause suicide and homicide at any age,” Professor Gotzsche reported.
Veteran Suicides and Acts of Violence

This is also evident in veteran suicides. Veterans account for one of every five suicides, according to the Pharmacist, stating: “Although all patients on antidepressants should be monitored for suicidal ideation when titrating, younger veterans (18-24 years) in particular should also be monitored closely after initiation.” [5]

Veterans Affairs Secretary Robert Wilkie recently told Congress that the VA is stepping up efforts to prevent veteran suicides. He highlighted the problem of firearm-related suicides, which he said accounted for 70 percent of veteran suicides. [6] What he didn’t discuss was the increasing prescribing of psychotropic drugs to veterans and how many of those committing suicide by firearm were taking and withdrawing from the psychotropic drugs.

CCHR’s report, “Psychiatric Drugs Create Violence & Suicide: Schools Shootings and Other Acts of Violence,” addresses both issues. Of 409 official psychiatric drug agency warnings, 49 warn of self-harm, suicide or suicidal ideation, 27 warn of violence, mania, psychosis, hostility, aggression and homicidal ideation, and 17 addiction and withdrawal effects. [7] To view CCHR's Psychiatric Drug Side Effects Search Engine, click here. The report cites numerous cases of veterans that while taking or withdrawing from psychotropic drugs, committed senseless acts of violence, including the Washington DC Navy Yard shooter, the Fort Hood gunman and the killer of former Navy S.E.A.L, Chris Kyle. [8]

Constitutional attorney Jonathan Emord is also calling on the Trump administration to launch a probe into possible links between psychiatric drugs and the epidemic of school shootings. The attorney notes that psychiatric drugs are known to produce dangerous side effects that include thoughts of and/or tendencies towards suicide and, importantly, violence. As such, “shouldn’t we expect aberrant behavior to be cropping up all over the nation?” Emord asked. [11]

CCHR points to the recently passed Whole Veteran Act as a step in the right direction as it would require the VA to study alternative health services for veterans. As co-sponsor of the law, Rep. Conor Lamb, D-Mt, said, “It turns out that not all doctors think that the best way to deal with chronic pain or [post-traumatic stress disorder] or depression is to simply hand out more pills.” In the right combination, holistic treatments can be safer and more affordable than traditional medicine, he said. [12]

About CCHR: Initially established by the Church of Scientology and renowned psychiatrist Dr. Thomas Szasz in 1969, CCHR’s mission is to eradicate abuses committed under the guise of mental health and enact patient and consumer protections. L. Ron Hubbard, founder of Scientology, first brought psychiatric imprisonment to wide public notice: “Thousands and thousands are seized without process of law, every week, over the ‘free world’ tortured, castrated, killed. All in the name of ‘mental health,’” he wrote in March 1969. For more information visit,


Diane Stein
Citizens Commission on Human Rights of Florida
+1 727-422-8820
email us here
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School Shootings & Psychiatric Drugs—Constitutional Attorney Jonathan Emord

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IBM Cloud adds Bitbar to its Enterprise Offering

Bitbar mobile app testing platform

Bitbar – The tool of choice for the New Software Organization

IBM Cloud Enterprise offering includes now Bitbar, the leading provider of testing technology for web and mobile apps.

When it comes to mobile modernization, our partnership with Bitbar means our clients are better placed to deliver reliable mobile applications and services as quickly as possible.”

— Wing To – Vice President, IBM Cloud, DevOps

SAN JOSE, CA, USA, June 26, 2019 / — Helsinki, Finland – Bitbar Technologies, the leading provider of testing technology for web and mobile applications, today signed a partnership with IBM to offer its enterprise customers access to the fastest and most flexible testing platform.

Bitbar has already been present for many years on IBM Cloud. This agreement comes to solidify a healthy and long-term relationship with IBM who once again is trusting on Bitbar technology to provide its customers with the flexibility, scalability, speed, and reliability that has made Bitbar one of the market leaders.

“Our collaboration with IBM brings together the best of our combined mobile testing market leadership and will help customers reduce cost, manage change, and improve quality across the entire mobile development and delivery lifecycle.

Combining IBM Rational Test Workbench with Bitbar technology allows organizations to fully automate end-to-end testing of mobile and omnichannel scenarios across multiple devices and configurations.

IBM Rational Test Workbench and Bitbar offer a unique solution that will help customers deliver reliable mobile applications to their end users as quickly as possible.”
Jouko Kaasila – Bitbar Co-Founder and COO

Using Bitbar technology IBM enterprise customers will now be empowered to be more agile, flexible, and efficient to deliver great digital experiences to end users in the shortest possible time. Enjoying full freedom to use their existing processes, containers, and frameworks. On top of unlimited users and unlimited concurrency on thousands of real devices and browsers. Bitbar will help IBM enterprise customers to save up to 60% on their development budget and reduce testing time from months to hours.

“When it comes to mobile modernization, our partnership with Bitbar means our clients are better placed to deliver reliable mobile applications and services as quickly as possible. IBM’s Rational Test Workbench and Bitbar Device Cloud help our joint clients run continuous testing efforts as part of their DevOps journey to mobile modernization.”
Wing To – Vice President, IBM Cloud, DevOps

The way we build, test, and deliver software has fundamentally changed. Continuous Testing is still a challenge for most companies. Only agile, flexible, and efficient New Software Organizations provide exceptional digital experiences to customers in the shortest time.

About Bitbar

Bitbar automates mobile build, test, and deployment for DevOps teams of all sizes – including Mozilla, Google, PayPal, Microsoft, Deutsche Telekom, Square, CBS Interactive, Groupon, Outfit 7, Merck, and TomTom, helping them to succeed in their web and mobile software development and test automation. Bitbar solutions help optimize CI/CD workflows, build high-performance agile teams, leverage AI to accelerate software development lifecycle, and deliver value to end customers, faster.

Bitbar – The tool of choice for the New Software Organization

Try Bitbar for free now

Media contact: marketing(at)
Global Sales contact: sales(at)

Delfin Vassallo
Bitbar Technologies
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The 40 years history of dental implantation at the S and Z Beautiful Teeth Clinic

Implants used in our practice 40 years ago

Bone grafts, implants and abutments

Upper-jaw screw implant, sinus lift, lower jaw all-on-4

From the blade implants to the zygomatic implants

HEVIZ, ZALA, MAGYARORSZáG, June 26, 2019 / — The change in the treatment methods has gone hand in hand with the change of the success rate of different dental implants, the surgical load, the time needed for completion of the treatment.

In the early days of the dental implant history well -trained specialists needed to place the blade implants. The necessary X-ray technology could be found in limited surgeries, prosthetic treatment was not sophisticated enough for different cases. The screw-retained bridgeworks could not be made.

The spread of the modern screw-type implants started on the basis of research work of Per-Ingvar Branemark made in 1965. In the first period of the screw implants, the crown and bridge works were connected to the abutment with a screw. The advantages of the method were the removability of the crowns anchored bridgeworks. The Branemark implants made possible a relatively simple surgical method so after a short training the general dentists could use the method.

The fast-growing number of the implant retained restorations made it possible to collect clinical information for the development of better implants and abutments. More and more attention turned to the gum around the implant beside the integration of the implant surface and bone. The lack of necessary bone inspired the development of bone grafts. The permanent development of periodontal, prosthodontic and surgical methods could describe this period.
The number of appointments and the cost of the treatment has been increased.

The next step of the development of dental implantation was the launch of rapid dentistry. The clinical research work of Paulo Malo started the complex restoration of oral tissues using the all-on-4 and zygomatic implants. Similar to the early days of blade implants these methods require well-trained specialists and the screw-retained restorations.

These treatments are available at our clinic:
S and Z Beautiful Teeth Ltd.
Hungary,Heviz, Egregyi Str.13.
If you have any questions visit our website and contact us on

Janos Szabo
S and Z Beautiful Teeth Ltd.
+36 30 529 6101
email us here
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Dr. Anthony Weinert Launches His Book Whole Foot Revolution That Reveals Secrets to Whole Body Health

“Whole Foot Revolution” by Dr. Anthony Weinert

“Whole Foot Revolution” by Dr. Anthony Weinert

Dr. Anthony Weinert

Dr. Anthony Weinert

Most people do not know that they can heal themselves through feet. To reveal this secret Dr. Anthony Weinert launches “Whole Foot Revolution” on Amazon.

Restore your body’s natural ability to heal. Read and find out how you can join the Whole Foot Revolution!”

— Dr. Anthony Weinert

TROY, MI, USA, June 26, 2019 / — A normal individual will not be aware of the fact that his feet can contribute a great towards whole body health. To help him understand how he can achieve health and wellness through their feet, Dr. Anthony Weinert launches his book “Whole Foot Revolution”.

From this book, the readers will learn everything about meditation, diet, nutrition, and quantum healing, Tong Ren, Reflexology, bioelectricity, grounding and energy meridians. The readers will learn about the secrets to health and wellness through their feet and they will also learn some easy and fun exercises that they can do at their home to achieve the best health results.

When talking about the book, the author says “Restore your body’s natural ability to heal. Read and find out how you can join the Whole Foot Revolution!” The good thing that the buyers of this book should know is that a small percentage of the proceeds of the sale of this book will go towards the 501c3 Non-Profit of the author named Shoe Pantry Plus.

The purpose of the Shoe Pantry Plus Foundation is to provide brand new socks, boots and shoes to the veterans, homeless, adults and children in need all the communities. The goal of the author of Whole Foot Revolution is to be able to help 1 million people in need through this mission.

In fact, human feet affect all areas of their life including their health. They are the mirror and foundation to the entire body and the secrets to the overall wellness and health claim the author of “Whole Foot Revolution”. In addition, he has stated in this book that the earth has a key role to play in connecting human feet to their body and mind.

Most people know that their foot is filled with acupressure points. In addition, it is filled with meridians and nerves as well that link to every gland and organ in the body. It will not be an overstatement to say that the book is truly an extraordinary adventure into health in ways that the readers might not have dreamt earlier.

With the content from this book, readers will learn about the benefits of walking barefoot. Further, they will get some useful stress relief tips that include the right kind of help to relieve headaches. They will also get an alignment check up with this book.

About Dr. Anthony Weinert:

In addition to being an author, Dr. Anthony Weinert is also a foot surgeon and a speaker. He has professional dancers, athletes and even other physicians as his clients. Even, those who rely on balance in each of their way are his clients. He has given his revolutionary ideas about feet in his new book “The Whole Foot Revolution”.

Check out the book at

Dr. Anthony Weinert
Stop Feet Pain Fast Institute
+1 248-362-3338
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Moodcafe organizes ‘Time Donation Camp’ – A first for India

Moodcafe logo

Moodcafe Logo

Moodcafe Team

Moodcafe team

Moodcafe organizes Time Donation Camp, an initiative to let people experience the power of sharing and listening.

We usually keep our problems to ourselves thinking others may judge us.So, We organized Time Donation Camp to help people experience the importance of sharing and listening for mental well-being.”

— Poonam Malpani Chordia

AHMEDABAD, GUJARAT, INDIA, June 26, 2019 / — Moodcafe(, a leading mental health and well-being platform, had organized ‘Time Donation Camp’ on 15th June 2019 to spread awareness about mental health and wellness. It is a novel concept and had been organized in India for the first time.

“We all face issues in life where we might need help. We usually end up keeping everything to ourselves thinking that others might judge us or not understand us. Considering this, we organized the Time Donation Camp to help people experience the importance of sharing and listening for healthy mental well-being,” said Poonam Malpani Chordia, Head Psychologist at Moodcafe.

Moodcafe is a digital mental health care & wellness platform launched by the alumni of IIM Ahmedabad and IIT Roorkee. It aims to increase awareness & provide solutions by using research-driven trends of psychology, artificial intelligence and innovative reach out strategies. Moodcafe’s solutions include a free anonymous chat application and a counseling platform. It also collaborates with corporates and educational institutes to conduct workshops and seminars.

Mikul Patel, founder, and CEO of Moodcafe, has faced challenges of mental health from a close quarter. He has experienced a low phase himself following the suicide attempt of a very close friend and batchmate. He vowed to find a way to help the youth and everyone else facing challenging times in their lives. He and his team developed a platform where one could share his/her feelings and concerns & feel heard without revealing their identity or being judged. Time donation camp is a physical version of this listening solution, which Moodcafe offers for free on Android Play store and on its website as Anonymous Chat.

At the event, participants could either share about anything that bothers them or could listen to the sharer. The listeners were given special guidelines by the team and Anahita Sarabhai, founder of QueerAbad. There were several influencers who attended the event and shared their opinions and their understanding of this concept. They also helped listeners to practice non-judgemental sharing and being empathetic towards the sharer.

Overall, it was an effective program with a turnout of 200+, which made people realize as to how vital it is in our day-to-day lives to acknowledge their problems and listen to someone in need.

Mikul Patel
+91 80005 57755
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Moodcafe organizes World’s first Time Donation Camp

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OliveOilsLand® | Olive Oil – The Amazing Liquid Gold

Turkish Olive Oil

Turkish Olive Oil



Olive Oil

Olive Oil

Olive Oil cannot be compared with other fats and oils. It is the only fat or oil that is produced without refining or any unnatural processes.

IZMIR, KARSIYAKA, TURKEY, June 26, 2019 / — OliveOilsLand® | Olive Oil – The Amazing Liquid Gold,

The consumption of Olive Oil is continuously increasing (even far beyond the Mediterranean Basin) as people are becoming more conscious of its several benefits. Extracted from the fruit of the olive tree, Olive Oil is pure, amazing oil that gives comfort and meaning to life. It has been used in different forms as food, medicines, fuel and cosmetic. Just of recent, #OliveOil has been found to be one of the healthiest foods you can get to improve your resistance to many life- threatening illnesses. No wonder why some people call it a “Liquid Gold”.

Is Olive Oil Not Fat?

Olive Oil cannot be compared with other fats and oils. It is the only fat or oil that is produced without refining or any unnatural processes. Thus, it retains all its significant mineral and vitamin goodness. It is best to consider it as a fruit juice.

What Makes Olive Oil Different?

Olive Oil is rich in mono-saturated fats, phenolic and anti-oxidizing compounds, which helps in the considerable drop of bad cholesterol (LDL cholesterol) while also improving good cholesterol (HDL cholesterol). It is rich in Anti-Inflammatory ingredients, easy to digest, helps your body assimilate vitamins and minerals plus aid the digestive system by stimulating the gall bladder. #OliveOil also has naturally occurring chemicals that can help reduce the occurrence and severity of asthma and arthritis. Aside all these, another amazing benefit of #OliveOil can be seen is its ability to reduce blood pressure.

Who produces the best Olive Oil?

Due to its increase in demand, producers across the globe are now resorting to more unnatural and mechanical production methods. Even at times, those oils labeled Extra Virgin can be of less quality with a reduced acidity level, since that is a criterion for the Extra Virgin mark. Furthermore, this demand has resulted in more cost-effective production methods via increased automation in bigger factories. These methods result in a less nutritious product.

But one thing is very certain…

There are still reputable producers of genuine olive oil and #OliveOilsLand is one of them. They have been producing premium #TurkishOliveOil by themselves for years and can guarantee you genuine and unrefined nature of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Which grade of Olive Oil is the best?

Olive Oil comes from different countries with different grades. As defined by the California Olive Oil Council (COOC) and the International Olive Council (IOC), we have:

• Virgin Olive Oil – has acidity under 2%, contains no refined oil, and has been confirmed to have good taste.

• Pure Olive Oil – a blend of refined olive oil and virgin olive oil with an acidity of at most 1%.

• Olive-Pomace Oil – Produced from the remains of the production of higher- grade olive oils. Although it’s rarely found in markets, olive-pomace oil is fit for consumption and occasionally used in restaurants for cooking.

• Ordinary Olive Oil – a blend of refined and virgin olive oil with an acidity of no more than 3.3%.

• Extra Virgin Olive Oil – extracted from the first pressing of olives, without any heat treatment or other processing. It has an acidity of just 0.8% and rich in vitamin E. It has been judged to have a superior taste.

So, which Olive Oil should you choose?

The answer depends on your choice and its intended use. But of all these available grades of olive oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil stands out as the best and purest of all. In fact, the more extra virgin olive oil you take, the lower your risk of having heart disease. Although it may be a bit expensive, extra virgin olive oil is a great investment to you. If you want to buy genuine Extra Virgin Olive Oil at affordable rates, OliveOilsLand has the best available anywhere.

Every single #OliveOil produced is carefully chosen by their tasting experts for its exceptional aromas, quality, and flavor. You enjoy a wide-ranging selection of 100% first-rate, extra virgin and always fresh olive oils. Not only do they sell premium olive oils, but #OliveOilsLand will also guide you on how to effectively use it

Ertugrul Evliyaoglu
+90 539 928 49 71
email us here
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OliveOilsLand® | Olive Oil and Table Olives Producer – Exporter Company

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SRL Diagnostics initiative ‘Plant for Transplant’

In June 2018,SRL Diagnostics launched an initiative ‘Plant for Transplant’ to combat air pollution. So far, more than 2000 trees have been planted.

NEW DELHI, INDIA, June 26, 2019 / — A clean environment is vital for living a healthy life. It plays an important role in the existence of life on earth and it helps humans, animals and other living things to grow naturally. We need to maintain and protect the originality of the environment to continue the life on the earth, as it is the only place where life exists. SRL Diagnostics firmly believes that each one of us is responsible for conservation of nature and can make a difference by doing our bit towards it.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Reetesh Sharma , Director and Head Nephrology and Kidney Transplant Department , Asian Institute of Medical Science Faridabad, said, “Earth is the support system of humanity and life as a whole. Fighting for the conservation of environment shouldn’t be just a one-day affair. As a moral responsibility, we all should work together with love and diligence to safeguard our planet every day for the future generation.”

Leading by example, in June 2018, SRL Diagnostics launched the one-of-its-kind initiative to combat air pollution called ‘Plant for Transplant’. Ensuring effective implementation, SRL Diagnostics collaborated with SankalpTaru Foundation, which is an IT enabled NGO that helped in planting the saplings.

Speaking about the initiative, Vikram Ahluwalia, Director – Marketing, SRL Diagnostics said, “SRL Diagnostics strongly believes that maintaining the environmental integrity is the duty of every individual within the society. Treading on this line of thought, SRL Diagnostics embarked on a journey of social initiative “Plant for Transplant” to support the social cause of Go Green and to combat air pollution and uplift rural communities. As a part of this initiative, we plant one fruit-bearing tree for each life saved after successful organ transplant in the name of the doctor who prescribed tests at SRL Diagnostics. The same tree is then donated to the underprivileged farmer, which can be tracked on google map, along with the periodic updates on its growth and benefits. So far, more than 2000 trees have been planted under this initiative.”

Under this initiative, SRL diagnostics is planting a tree for each life saved after a successful organ transplant. SRL Diagnostics donates a “Fruit Bearing Tree” to a poor farmer in the name of prescribing doctor. As the tree grows, the household enjoys all the benefits of the tree such as fruits, fodder for animals and is motivated to take care of the tree because of the shared benefits. The NGO geo-tags all trees by creating a unique QR code to track the growth and health of the trees. This ambitious initiative is an effort to improve the quality of air and to uplift and assist the rural communities.

The organization is not just planting trees, but is also changing lives through regenerative agriculture. This way we awaken a passion among people to work towards sustainable agricultural practices, restoration and conservation of areas with fewer plantations.

SRL Diagnostics is thankful to its partners for their support. As each plant grows, we are maximizing socio-environmental impact and successfully fighting back pollution and strengthening the livelihood of poor farmers to create a rich bio diverse ecosystem.

Supriya Sinha
Adfactors PR
+91 7838141475
email us here

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Successful Grand Opening for Panacea Life Sciences’ New State-of-the-Art Headquarters

Panacea Life Sciences Logo

Panacea Life Sciences Logo

Ribbon cutting to celebrate the new Panacea Life Sciences location in Golden, Colorado.

Ribbon cutting to celebrate the new Panacea Life Sciences location in Golden, Colorado.

Westword Awards for Panacea Life Sciences

Westword Awards for Panacea Life Sciences

Colorado’s Top CBD Company Calls Golden, Colorado its New Home for Extraction and Manufacturing

Colorado is ground zero for the CBD industry, and we want to be at the forefront of extraction, product development, finished goods, and clinical studies to take a leadership position in the industry.”

— Leslie Buttorff

GOLDEN, COLORADO, UNITED STATES, June 26, 2019 / — Reminiscent of her Wheat Ridge childhood home just a few miles away, Panacea Life Sciences’ CEO, Leslie Buttorff, brings a whole new type of business to the foothills of Golden, Colorado. A ribbon cutting commemorated the celebration of the new location on Thursday, June 21 and was followed by an exclusive tour of the new building.

Panacea Life Sciences was founded in 2017 and aims to provide various scientifically-driven and medically-focused hemp (CBD) products to consumers as an alternative to pharmaceutical medications. Just as the Rocky Mountains make themselves noticed, so has Panacea. The company’s unique vertical integration format allows for the production of the highest quality of industrial hemp oil, from which their phrase “from seed to sale” comes. This isn’t just a phrase that Panacea throws around ー they mean it, as evidenced by the contents of their 48,000 square foot laboratory and manufacturing facility.

The impetus for the move from Louisville, CO to Golden was in large part due to the quick growth of Panacea. With increasing demands for the production of raw materials and finished goods, the need for more space became obvious. While the building feels very much like an enormous science lab, the windows and corridors generate intrigue and excitement as viewers look upon the monstrous machines and top-notch employees who manage them. With every step of Panacea’s unique and careful extraction and production process, from bales upon bales of hemp in one wing to the final bottle filling and labeling machine in another, visitors feel as though they have just witnessed a behind-the-scenes glimpse of Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. “Colorado is ground zero for the CBD industry,” states Leslie Buttorff, CEO of Panacea, “and we want to be at the forefront of extraction, product development, finished goods, and clinical studies to take a leadership position in the industry.” For consumers, it is encouraging to know that everything ー from the sublingual F.A.S.T. tablets, full spectrum and THC Free soft gels, and even gummy products ー is all handled by the best of the best from start to finish. Panacea’s unparalleled manufacturing of this relatively new wave of CBD products is sure to put its name on the map; soon enough, Golden, Colorado will become a one-stop-shop for all of your beer and CBD needs.

Panacea Life Sciences earned the Westword’s 2019 Reader’s Choice ‘Best of Denver’ awards for the ‘Best Hemp Company’ as well as the ‘Best CBD-Infused Product’.

Founded in 2017, the Golden, Colorado-based company was created with patients’ health and well being as a priority to serve as a global platform for the reintroduction of hemp-based therapeutics into the mainstream of healthcare. Panacea is committed to the research and distribution of CBD products that are designed to safely target and treat seven major categories of medical conditions. Learn more at


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