Accepting the “Simple Solution” to Our Problem

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Dr. Robert Puff, Ph.D.

Sometimes we go through difficult times even though we seem to know the solution to our problem. What keeps us stuck and how do we accept what we need to do?

NEWPORT BEACH, CA, USA, August 12, 2020 / — Do you have a problem? Maybe it’s a large, vexing problem that causes you to suffer, or maybe it’s a smaller dilemma that nevertheless causes discomfort in your life. My guess is that something isn’t 100 percent the way that you would have it be, or if you’re fortunate enough to be problem free, you remember a time when you had to make a hard choice.

That’s what dilemmas are, after all. The word “dilemma” comes to us from the Greek. The prefix “di-” means “two” and the root “lemma” means “premise” or “assumption.” When we have a dilemma, we literally have two choices. (I’ve never heard of anyone using a word like “multilemma,” which would acknowledge the multiple choices we feel we could make, and maybe that’s appropriate. Often, the real choice comes down to two options: stay or go, give or don’t give, live or die.)

When we face a dilemma, we find ourselves on the horns of a choice, but the thing about choices is that they often mark a point where we could keep doing what we’re doing, on the one hand, or we could stop ourselves and pursue another path, on the other.

Continuing along the route we have chosen for ourselves (or perhaps that we have veered into unintentionally) — well, that’s the easy thing, or so it seems. A new route requires a decision, a break, and an introduction to the new path. That can seem a lot more difficult. Is it any wonder we sometimes keep on keepin’ on, rather than bringing our lives to a halt to make a change?

In the early eighteenth century, mathematician, astronomer, and general polyglot Isaac Newton offered his famous three laws of motion, the first of which is the most familiar. It states, basically, that a body in motion wishes to remain in motion, and a body at rest wishes to remain at rest, and either body will contentedly do so unless an outside force acts upon it.

The body Newton was referring to is any basic thing — a book on the edge of a shelf, an apple in a tree. But that body can sound a little personal sometimes when we think about our own tendency to move or stand still.

It’s called inertia, that tendency of something to move or stand still unless another force acts upon it. When we are traveling in a vehicle, our bodies are moving along with the car, and if the car stops suddenly, whether it hits the brakes or slams into a tree, our bodies inside keep moving forward, as bodies want to do. That’s what causes injuries; our bodies keep moving forward, and we can slam right into the seat belt (if we’re lucky) or the dashboard (if we’re not).

We understand inertia as a basic concept of physics, but if we have ever been in a predicament, we probably understand it as a way of thinking as well. The word is often used in this metaphorical sense. We blame our own inertia when we stay in a job, a relationship, or a setting that no longer serves us well.

I once had a person I was working with, and she was just too busy. Her business was causing her suffering in her relationships and her emotional life, and it was even causing her physical pain. My advice to her was not something brand new that she had never heard before; her friends had been telling her the same thing for a long time. Anyone could see that she was too busy and she needed to slow down.

It’s this way for many people. We keep going, going, going, and in doing so, we often fail to stop and smell the roses and enjoy the beauty that life has to offer.

She left our session with her typical response: “Yeah, yeah, yeah.” She wanted a different answer, a different option, but deep down I think she knew that slowing down was the right choice. She just wasn’t willing to accept it yet.

The next week she came to me and she had a harrowing story to tell. She had left my office and been driving down the freeway at a high rate of speed because she was in a hurry, as usual. All at once, the semi beside her blew out a tire. It very suddenly swerved into her lane, and she slammed on her brakes just in time. That truck came within mere inches of killing her.

Because the universe sometimes likes to offer messages that are far from subtle, when she looked up at the side of the truck’s trailer, she saw written in big, bold letters the words, “Slow down.” It was the same message that I and other people had been sharing with her, but now she was ready to receive it. She had come to a dead stop, almost literally so, and she didn’t have a lot of choice in the matter.

That woman’s life got a lot better after that point. She received the message, and she found ways to get out of both the literal and figurative fast lanes.

Not everyone is quite so lucky. I know of another woman who sought counseling because she was in a dysfunctional relationship. The man she was dating had beaten her many times. The man was in jail but was getting out soon. My colleague told her that she absolutely needed to stay away from her for her own safely. This was a situation that could end poorly, perhaps with injury or even death.

The woman didn’t like that answer, though she had heard it many times from many sources. This beautiful woman had been told by many people to stay away from her boyfriend, but she didn’t like that answer, and she decided not to follow it.

It turns out that the man she was in a relationship with was released from jail, and this woman picked him up and took him home with her. That same day, he ended up killing her.

When we have struggles, we want answers. Often, however, the answer is very clear. It’s inside of us, and we might even see it — but we choose not to acknowledge it, because that’s not an answer we’re ready to accept yet.

The answer to our problems can be obvious to everyone around us and even to ourselves, but we still reject it. We want a different answer.

Sometimes we suffer horribly for our refusal to acknowledge the clear answer to our problems. Occasionally, as with my colleague’s client, our refusal can cost us our lives. Sometimes it can cause unhappiness, but aren’t we here to have a good life? Happiness is our purpose and our birthright. We deserve it.

One of my favorite family members moved to a retirement community a few years back, and shortly after she did, her husband died. This woman understood that she needed to move forward if she was to embrace the happy life she deserved. I visited her a few months later, and she was doing so well. She was actively involved with other people and participating in a support group for grieving spouses.

This dear family member told me that she knew many people didn’t do well when a spouse died. They might isolate themselves, or even drink too much, and they ran the risk of never coming out of it. “I had so many beautiful years with him and I miss him,” she confessed to me, “but I have a lot of years left, and I want to live them.”

When we face a problem, we need to take a moment to define it. What exactly are we struggling with? Whether it’s a relationship issue, a career issue, a psychological or spiritual issue, or something else entirely, we need to take stock of it as soon as we recognize that it exists. Time is of the essence if we are to get back to the important work of cultivating happiness in our lives.

After we define it, we must start gathering information about it. What is the potential solution? What can we do to solve our problem and move on from it?

There are many steps we can take to pinpoint a solution. Here are some that I have found success with:

• Talking to friends. Often, our loved ones see our situation more clearly than we do, and they can have advice that we haven’t considered. We must be careful, however; friends’ perspectives are valuable to a point, but we are living our own one and only life, and we should take others’ perspectives with a grain of salt.
• Talking to professionals. A counselor, a minister, a life coach — there are people whose job it is to listen to what it is we are saying and then help us to see aspects of our problem that we may not have recognized otherwise. It can be tremendously helpful to see someone who can offer an objective viewpoint.
• Reading books. Walk into a large bookstore, and you are very likely to find a whole section of books related to your specific problem, whether that is living a fast-paced life, engaging in a negative relationship, losing a spouse, or any number of other problems. Others have found a way through; you don’t need to reinvent the wheel to discover a solution that works for you.
• Journaling. It’s amazing to me, what wisdom comes out when we have a pen in hand and we move it across the page. If we come to a journaling experience with no expectations and no preconceived notions, we might find that we are writing ourselves a very wise set of instructions, almost by magic. I sometimes feel as though someone is guiding my pen from the other side of the page. Wisdom emerges, and it’s hard to tell where it came from. I think it must have come from deep inside, where answers live.
• Making a pro-con list. With any big decision in life, it’s helpful to make a list of pros and cons of a potential decision. The pros can be obvious; if we slow down, we’re likely to be healthier and happier. But the cons can seem pretty big. My client felt that if she slowed down, she would miss opportunities, lose revenue, and miss out on chances that were available to her. My colleague’s client must have felt that if she broke up with her abusive boyfriend, she would miss out on the good parts of the relationship — the companionship, the help, the support, and more. But putting the pros and cons down in columns can show us that there is both good and bad to any decision, and this allows us to be clear minded in our decision-making.
• Looking into our own mind. There’s a funny thing I’ve noticed about finding the right solution to a problem. It never seems foreign or unexpected. The fact is, you usually know the right thing to do, and if you listen to your own still, small voice, the answer will be right there waiting for you. The solution is almost always readily available inside of us.

That last bullet point is worth some further reflection, because it’s at the crux of the issue we’re exploring. The fact is that the simple solution to any problem has always been there, and when our hearts are ready, we will do what we need to do. But while the solution may be simple, choosing it doesn’t feel so very simple. It takes time, effort, energy, and the support of loved ones.

It is so easy for inertia to take hold of us. Living without intention, we can continue on the same track, in the same direction, at the same speed, with no sense of gravity or friction to slow us down. But we do need to slow down, assess the situation, and listen to the loving voice inside of us that cherishes us and wants us to be healed and happy. Maybe it’s a message from the universe — and maybe God will write it on the side of a truck, if we need the universe to be so literal. But with self-reflection and self-trust, we can hear that whisper. We can begin to sense what we need to do to live the lives we deserve.

If we make the decision our heart is advising us to make, we will find that our lives keep getting better and better. We’ll keep finding ways to make our lives more beautiful, more happy, and more peaceful, every single day.

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#286 Happiness – Accepting the “Simple Solution” to Our Problem

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CBD Emporium Retailer Expands to Tucson Mall

CBD Emporium Logo

CBD Emporium

CBD Emporium is bringing its knowledge and expertise of CBD products to Tucson with an 1,800-square-foot retail location at the Tucson Mall.

As a CBD market leader, CBD Emporium is thrilled to be expanding into the Tucson area.”

— John Flanders, CEO

TUCSON, ARIZONA, US, August 12, 2020 / — CBD Emporium is bringing its knowledge and expertise of CBD products to Tucson residents with the opening of an 1,800-square-foot retail location at the Tucson Mall. Based in Phoenix, with 25 locations throughout Arizona and Nevada, CBD Emporium is dedicated to the health and wellness of the communities it serves. The well-educated sales staff delights in sharing the many benefits of CBD with local customers.

CBD Emporium carries 40 different CBD brands, ensuring that staff members have an array of products to fit customers’ individual needs. Whether people have issues with pain, anxiety or mood or need CBD products for their pets, CBD Emporium is ready to align them with the best CBD products. Offerings include tinctures, consumables such as gummies and tea, vapes, bath and body products, capsules and pet products. All the CBD products CBD Emporium sells are infused with hemp that is grown and extracted in the United States.

“As a CBD market leader, CBD Emporium is thrilled to be expanding in the Tucson area,” said John Flanders, Chief Executive Officer of CBD Emporium. “We have every product for every person, and we can’t wait to share our top-of-the-line products with Tucson residents.” The retailer also has a location on North Oracle Road in Tucson.

Top CBD brands available at CBD Emporium include KOI Naturals CBD, Holistapet, Kurativ CBD, Sun God Medicinals, Sky Wellness, Science of Life Alchemy, H-Hemp, Ananda, Performance Tea, Colorado Hemp Honey, Tranquini Wowie CBD-infused beverages, and many more.

Stop by the new retail center at 5870 E. Broadway Boulevard in Tucson, AZ 85711. The store is open seven days a week. If you have any questions and wish to contact the CBD Emporium in Tucson, please email, or call 520-574-4420.


Established in 2018, CBD Emporium is a privately held company with 25 retail locations throughout the United States. The retailer is the premier source of quality, trusted CBD products, and offers a diverse selection of more than 50 best-of-industry brands and its own brand labeled products derived from medical grade organic hemp plants. CBD Emporium’s knowledgeable staff is dedicated to providing the best information, education and products to improve health and wellness. For information, visit

Kim Prince
CBD Emporium
+1 480-221-7995
email us here

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Flotation Therapy available for the first time in the Issaquah area

Issaquah Family Chiropractic in Washington State brings flotation therapy to the area, a first of its kind

ISSAQUAH, WA, USA, August 12, 2020 / — The Issaquah Family Chiropractic clinic, WA, has recently announced a new addition to their already robust service offering. The new flotation therapy treatment practice, a first of its kind in the area has been met with great enthusiasm, as locals and frequent patients are ready to experience the wellness benefits flotation therapy offers them in the clinic’s updated and expanded location.

Although the clinic has relocated and expanded its offering and services, moving into a larger facility in February earlier this year, personnel are now ready to offer flotation therapy for future patients. The new treatment has already seen many interested patients quickly fill available spaces, as the company is eager to meet the increasing patient demand. “We moved into our new location earlier this year, unfortunately, a lot of our planning had to be put on hold, but now we’re back with a bigger and even better facility, offering the first-ever flotation therapy treatment in the Issaquah area,” shared a spokesperson for the company.

The Issaquah Family Chiropractic team ensures patients and clients who make use of flotation therapy will experience a reduction of anxiety, as it promotes relaxation in the body and mind. Although it has some great benefits, many have still been left with a question mark on their face, wondering what flotation therapy is?

“Imagine floating on a cloud, even more realistic, floating on water. Flotation therapy involves the use of approximately 1000 pounds of dissolved pharmaceutical-grade Epsom salt, which we dilute in water kept at 93.5 degrees Fahrenheit, around the same temperature as your skin. The high salt content promotes buoyancy, and the Epsom salt relaxes muscles and eases inflammation,” tells the spokesperson.

The new facility, which is over three times the size of their previous location, has meant that the business can expand its wellness services. With this, they managed to bring in better and more improved wellness services, the two most important being flotation therapy and functional training.

The clinic has reviewed patient satisfaction and experience, ensuring they meet above industry standards. Although very new and somewhat foreign to locals and regular patients, many have already shared the great benefits flotation therapy can hold. Flotation therapy has proven to be crucial for those suffering from increased stress levels and those who tend to be more anxious than average. Clinical professionals and recent research have shown that flotation therapy may carry the same, and in some cases better benefits than that of prescribed anxiety medication. Flotation therapy helps to completely relax the whole body, strained and stiff muscles, and most importantly an overactive and stressed brain.

While wellness treatments are available at many day spas, or perhaps in bigger wellness clinics, Issaquah Family Chiropractic has managed to bring a better and more hygienic experience to its patients. The current surge of coronavirus cases has placed a great deal of stress on businesses, especially those involving human-to-human interaction. Flotation therapy is a perfect “contactless” service in the current environment.

“All our doctors are aware of the benefits flotation therapy can have. We’ve seen patients enjoy an improvement in their daily active lifestyles, but also, it’s good to mention that recent studies show that the treatment works extremely well for those suffering from PTSD,” she concluded.

Issaquah Family Chiropractic has been servicing the community since 1992, but with this, it is quite noticeable that their updated and expanded facility will mean an increase of services with wellness professionals ready to help and assist new patients.

As a first of its kind in the Issaquah area, clinic employees have mentioned that those interested in experiencing flotation therapy or functional training should schedule an appointment in advance to avoid disappointment. Their new clinic comes fully equipped with expanded wellness services to help previous and future patients, Put More JOY in Your ENJOY™.

Interested persons, can find more information about the Issaquah Family Chiropractic wellness clinic online, or book an appointment on their website at or visit

Adam Babcox
Issaquah Family Chiropractic, P.S.
+1 425-557-8787
email us here

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Former Hospital Behavioral Health Director and Immediate Action Group President Files Suit Against RMCHCS

William Camarota holds up plaque in front of trophy case.

Former Chief Engineer/Plant Director Destroys Truck, Fired For Drunken Behavior

PR Agency Specializing in Healthcare Technology, Hospitals and Hospital Associations

— William Madaras

GALLUP, NEW MEXICO, UNITED STATES, August 12, 2020 / — Former Rehoboth McKinley Christian Health Care Services’ (RMCHCS) Behavioral Health Director William Camarota has filed a three-count lawsuit against RMCHCS charging Chief Nursing Officer (CNO) Felicia Adams and her husband Dean Adams, former director of plant operations, with breach of confidentiality/invasion of privacy, retaliatory discharge and defamation of character. Dean Adams was fired by the hospital in May for destroying a company truck while drunk.

The charges have been filed in McKinley County District Court by the plaintiff’s Attorney David Jordan, P.C. who is planning a jury trial against the defendants. This is the second lawsuit filed against RMCHCS for retaliation firings which stemmed from hospital protests led by Board Chair Laura Hammons, Chief Medical Officer Valory Wangler and CNO Felicia Adams amidst the raging COVID-19 pandemic. Wagner and Adams are also defendants in a six count lawsuit filed recently by Luis Robles, a partner in Robles, Rael and Any of Albuquerque who is representing plaintiff David Conejo, the hospital’s former CEO.

“William Camarota unfortunately contracted COVID-19 while employed at RMCH,” said Jordan. “Like every other employee and patient, the HIPAA law is supposed to provide him with medical information confidentiality. However, that law was violated by the Adams’ who spread details of his illness across the hospital staff causing him embarrassment and robbing his right to privacy. We will show the jury our evidence of how this was done purposely to retaliate against him for his close relationship with former CEO Conejo.”
Jordan explained that Camarota specifically did not want the fact that he was diagnosed with COVID-19 released so his substance abuse clients would not be afraid to counsel with him when his 14 day quarantine was ended. He also didn’t want the community to fear that the WellSpring Recovery Center was a COVID-19 hot zone.

Welcome to The Club Nobody Wants To Join
However, on April 26 Jordan explained that Camarota learned he tested positive for COVID-19. He contacted his director to inform her, but could not reach her and contacted Conejo to advise him of his virus condition and requested confidentiality. Despite his HIPAA request, CNO Adam’s sent him a text welcoming Camarota to the club “nobody wanted to join”. He again requested confidentiality, but shortly afterward he called people who needed to know to advise them and he reiterated his request for non-disclosure.

“To confirm my client’s suspicions, by April 28, he received a call from an employee of Dean Adams inquiring about Bill’s infection,” said Jordan. “This guy heard about it from Adams, who heard about it from his wife Felicia who was not allowed to disclose it.”

A plant operations maintenance man who worked for Dean Adams, called Camarota to advise him that Adams disclosed to him that Camarota had COVID-19. He also noted that he overheard Dean Adams say ‘Who does [RMCH CEO] David [Conejo] think he is. He thinks he can do whatever he wants around here, that's why the board doesn't like him and that's why [RMCH Board Member] David Dallago doesn't like him.’ This comment was made by Adams to him, proving that this leak was intentional and motivated by retaliation.

Camarota then filed a HIPAA complaint against RMCHCS and an investigation was conducted by the hospital’s privacy/HIPAA officer Dr. Phyllis Miller Ph.D., RHIA, RHIT, CHPS, Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, AHIMA ICD-10-CM/PCS Trainer and an independent panel of credentialed hospital employees. The investigation concluded that Dean Adams should be fired for a Level 4 violation.

Miller presented the case to the hospital board’s attorney and RMCHCS’s attorney who also concluded that Dean Adams overheard a private conversation that Felicia Adams had with RMCHCS officials and did not violate HIPAA laws, but Dean Adams did maliciously spread word about Camarota’s illness and both investigations recommended he be terminated for it.

However, the hospital’s board conducted yet a third investigation with and found there were grounds for termination. Dean Adams even admitted to violating Camarota HIPAA rights but was never fired for it. “Despite two investigations that concluded Dean Adams be fired, a third investigation by the board agreed he should be fired, but wasn’t. Furthermore, the board never provided my client with any results of the investigation to this day,” said Jordan.

Community Accolades
Camarota received RMCHCS’s Dragon Slayer Award in 2018 for overcoming a life of substance abuse in his early years. He is also president of the Immediate Action Group (IAG) that serves the homeless of Gallup and McKinley County. He also serves on the Board of Directors of Gallup’s Community Food Pantry and is a core leader in pastoral mentoring at the Lighthouse International Ministries Church in Gallup, and the DUI Planning Council for McKinley County.
Camarota was honored with the “Housing For All” award bestowed by the New Mexican Coalition to End Homelessness last year. He was named “Volunteer of the Year” by the New Mexican Coalition to End Homelessness in a ceremony at the organization’s headquarters in Santa Fe New Mexico. The award was bestowed upon Camarota by NMCEH Executive Director Hank Hughes.

He also received a Certificate of Appreciation citation by the City of Gallup for his efforts in removing debris around the St. Joseph’s Shelter and Soup Kitchen in partnership with District 1 Councilor Linda Garcia. “Bill and his crew did an excellent job. It took them 3 days, but they endured and got the job done,” Garcia noted.

William Madaras
Glass Lantern PR
+1 408-390-3160
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Research America Inc. and the Natural Marketing Institute – Announce Merger

Research America Inc.(RAI) has merged the Natural Marketing Institute (the Institute) into its family of companies.

CLARKSTON, MI, UNITED STATES, August 12, 2020 / — Amy Benner, Vice President of Research America Inc. announced “We are happy to welcome the Institute into the Research America Inc. family. Our shared vision for the health and sustainability consumer makes this merger an exciting opportunity for us and our clients. We are even better positioned to help our B2B and CPG marketers acquire, grow and retain customers.”

“Our Institute team members will further complement RAI’s capabilities with additional strategic consulting services, proprietary custom methodologies, syndicated databases, and much more,” Benner said.

Steve French, Natural Marketing Institute Managing Partner, said the Institute will continue to operate independently. “The merger will expand our toolkit including access to web panel, telephone and web-based data collection, qualitative facilities and sensory and new product testing labs.”

“These additional client solutions will add tremendous value to the Institute’s syndicated databases that include over one million consumer interviews in over 30 countries, trended for the past 20+ years. RAI capabilities will also add unique synergies to the Institute’s custom qualitative and quantitative consumer and B2B research. We at the Institute are truly excited about future opportunities to serve our clients,” French added.

Research America, with personnel in multiple markets and states including Philadelphia, Cincinnati, Rochester, N.Y., Cincinnati, Detroit, Orlando, Chicago, Sacramento, Lincoln, Neb., and Charleston, W.Va. In 2019, RAI was named one of the Top 50 market research firms in the United States based on annual revenue by the GreenBook Research Industry Trends Report (GRIT). The company has also been named by Inc. magazine as one of the fastest growing privately held companies in America. The company’s growth has been organically and through acquisition of 14 boutique research firms in specialized verticals during the past six years.

For more information about RAI the Institute visit, and and to download research white papers and sign-up for our newsletters.

DeAnna Lance
Research America Inc.
+1 610-356-1800
email us here

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Mademoiselle Lash Partners with Afterpay

One of the best false eyelash brands in the industry has formed a partnership with a leading payment innovator.

COSTA MESA, CALIFORNIA, US, August 12, 2020 / — Representatives with Mademoiselle Lash announced today that it has partnered with Afterpay to offer more affordable options for its customers.

"We are very excited to partner with Afterpay, which will directly benefit our customers," Annie Le, owner and Creative Director of Mademoiselle Lash said. "We are featured on their beauty directory as well and will be taking part in the official AfterPay Day offering a big discount – 25 percent off all orders plus free US Shipping on all orders and free shipping to Canada with orders over $50.”

Based in Orange County, California, Mademoiselle Lash, Le said, is one of the best false eyelash brands in the industry. Its mission is to design faux eyelashes that are so good that individuals will consider them a must-have accessory in their beauty cabinet.

"We were created with a philosophy to spread the love of beauty to all," Le stressed, before adding, "From premium-quality materials and construction to a range that includes a lash style to suit every eye shape, we won't be satisfied until everyone who wears false eyelashes calls us their favorite."

As to how the Afterpay partnership will benefit customers, Le explained that Afterpay, founded in 2014, is a leading retail payments innovator that offers a 'buy now, receive now, pay later' service with no upfront fees or interest. Afterpay has over 1.3 million customers and 10,000 retail merchants.

"The best way to decide for yourself if we're the best eyelashes brand is, of course, to slip on a set of Mademoiselle Lashes and witness the transformation for yourself," Le said.

For more information, please visit


About Mademoiselle Lash

We may be biased, but we genuinely believe it when we say that Mademoiselle Lash is one of the best false eyelash brands in the industry. Perhaps even the best. Based in Orange County, CA, it’s our mission to design faux eyelashes that are so good; you’ll consider them a must-have accessory in your beauty cabinet.

We were created with a philosophy to spread the love of beauty to all. From premium-quality materials and construction to a range that includes a lash style to suit every eye shape, we won’t be satisfied until everyone who wears false eyelashes calls us their favorite.

Media Contact:

Annie Le
Owner and Creative Director
Mademoiselle Lash
Phone: 1- 949-484-8450

Source: Mademoiselle Lash

Annie Le
Mademoiselle Lash
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Appeal to the Prime Minister of Quebec for Quebecers with disabilities. Assistance in Living: not Assisted Suicide

Dr. Paul Saba

People living with disabilities are appealing to the Premier of Quebec M.
François Legault and the government to deinstitutionalize people with disabilities

Our governments are more interested in legislating and promoting death than improving health care and life assistance for all people. To live and to live well in community is a human right”

— Dr. Paul Saba

MONTREAL, QUEBEC, CANADA, August 12, 2020 / — People living with disabilities are appealing to the Prime Minister of Quebec M.
François Legault and the government to deinstitutionalize people with disabilities.

Jonathan Marchand is President of Coop ASSIST (Quebec Cooperative for Independent Living).

Jonathan is 43 and has lived with a form of muscular dystrophy since the age of 15. After a bout of severe pneumonia, he was hospitalized in the intensive care unit and required an emergency tracheotomy to help him breathe. He is now ventilator dependent and needs assistance. Previously Jonathan worked as a senior computer network engineer in Quebec and overseas in Australia.

Jonathan has been forced to live in a government run institution against his will since 2012.
Nearly 70% of people with disabilities who need help like Jonathan are institutionalized in Quebec due to the lack of adequate support services in the community. This numbers around 15,000 people in Quebec.
According to Jonathan "Many doctors offered me euthanasia, which they call "comfort care” to end my life.
Because there is no support services to live outside hospitals for people like me in Quebec, I have to choose between death or live in a hospital or a nursing home for the rest of my life."

Jonathan states this situation exists despite the fact that governments can save millions of dollars to deinstitutionalize people with disabilities (figures available).

"I have never been offered the possibility of being able to continue my life at home with the help I need. In institutions, you lose autonomy and control over your life.

I never asked for help to die, I was getting better.

They were ready to help me commit suicide and not provide assistance for me to live. It's not a real choice. "
Despite this, he refuses to give up his life, his wife, family and friends.

Jonathan questions how society can talk about “assisted suicide and euthanasia” for people with disabilities when they do not even have help to live.

What they are asking for is not to die, but rather the support to live in the community to participate and contribute actively to society.

Jonathan reiterates: “ Let disabled people undertake solutions for themselves at home, we must be in charge of lives
since this is a societal project. Everyone must have the choice of where, how and with whom to
live, since living in the community is a human right”.

In the end, Dr. Paul Saba who has been a leading advocate for patients’ rights to live, states that Quebec and Canada's euthanasia laws have created an open door for abuse and harm for all Canadians, who will one day face health challenges that will require health and life assistance. Since people like Jonathan face serious health risks living in institutionalized settings (whether from pandemics, seasonal influenza outbreaks or other contagions), they deserve to live in a safe environment. “Our governments are more interested in legislating and promoting death than improving health care and life assistance for all people. To live and to live well in community is a human right.”

Dr. Paul Saba
Coalition of Physicians for Social Justice
+1 514-886-3447
email us here

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Appel au Premier ministre du Québec au nom des Québécois handicapés. Aide à la vie : pas de suicide assisté

Dr Paul Saba

Les personnes handicapées font appel au premier ministre du Québec M. François Legault et au gouvernement pour désinstitutionnaliser les personnes handicapées.

Nos gouvernements souhaitent plus légiférer et promouvoir la mort qu'améliorer les soins de santé et l'aide à la vie pour tous. Vivre et bien vivre en communauté est un droit humain. ”

— Dr Paul Saba

MONTRÉAL, QUÉBEC, CANADA, August 12, 2020 / — Les personnes handicapées font appel au premier ministre du Québec M. François Legault et au gouvernement pour désinstitutionnaliser les personnes handicapées.

Jonathan Marchand est de Président of Coop ASSIST (Coopérative d’assistance personnelle pour une vie autonome et participative en société).

Jonathan a 43 ans et vit avec une forme de dystrophie musculaire depuis l'âge de 15 ans. Après un épisode de pneumonie grave, il a été hospitalisé dans une unité de soins intensifs et a dû subir une trachéotomie d'urgence pour l'aider à respirer. Il est maintenant dépendant d’un ventilateur et a besoin d'aide. Auparavant, Jonathan a travaillé comme ingénieur principal en réseautique au Québec et outre-mer en Australie.

Jonathan est contraint de vivre dans une institution gouvernementale contre son gré depuis 2012. Près de 70% des personnes handicapées qui ont besoin d'aide comme Jonathan sont institutionnalisées au Québec en raison du manque de services de soutien adéquats dans la communauté, totalisant environ 15 000 personnes au Québec.

Selon Jonathan, « de nombreux médecins m'ont proposé l'euthanasie, qu'ils appellent « soins de confort » pour mettre fin à ma vie. Parce qu'il n'y a pas de services de soutien pour vivre à l'extérieur des hôpitaux pour des gens comme moi au Québec, je dois choisir entre la mort ou vivre dans un hôpital ou une résidence avec soins infirmiers pour le reste de ma vie. »

Selon Jonathan, cette situation existe malgré le fait que les gouvernements peuvent économiser des millions de dollars s’ils désinstitutionnalisaient les personnes handicapées (statistiques disponibles).

« Je n'ai jamais eu la possibilité de continuer ma vie à la maison avec l'aide dont j'ai besoin. Dans les institutions, vous perdez votre autonomie et votre contrôle sur votre vie. Je n'ai jamais demandé de l'aide pour mourir, j'allais mieux. Ils étaient prêts à m'aider à me suicider, mais pas à m'aider à vivre. Ce n’est pas un vrai choix. »

Malgré cela, il refuse d'abandonner sa vie, sa femme, sa famille et ses amis.

Selon Jonathan, comment parler « de suicide assisté et d’euthanasie » pour les personnes handicapées lorsqu'elles n'ont même pas d'aide pour vivre.

Ce qu'ils demandent, ce n'est pas de mourir, mais plutôt de recevoir un soutien pour vivre dans la communauté, pour participer et contribuer activement à la société.

« Laissez les personnes handicapées entreprendre des solutions pour et par elles-mêmes chez elles; maître chez nous, c’est aussi notre projet de société. Tous doivent avoir le choix d’où, comment et avec qui ils vivent; vivre dans la communauté est un droit humain! » martèle Jonathan.

En définitive, le Dr Paul Saba, qui a été l'un des principaux défenseurs du droit des patients à vivre, déclare que les lois québécoises et canadiennes sur l'euthanasie ont ouvert la porte aux abus et aux préjudices pour tous les Canadiens qui seront un jour confrontés à des problèmes de santé nécessitant une assistance médicale et vitale. Étant donné que des personnes comme Jonathan font face à de graves risques pour la santé dans des établissements institutionnels (qu'il s'agisse de pandémies, d'épidémies de grippe saisonnière ou d'autres contagions), ils méritent de vivre dans un environnement sûr. « Nos gouvernements souhaitent plus légiférer et promouvoir la mort qu'améliorer les soins de santé et l'aide à la vie pour tous. Vivre et bien vivre en communauté est un droit humain. »

Dr. Paul Saba
Coalition of Physicians for Social Justice
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Hallmark Health Care Solutions Named to Inc. Magazine Annual List of America’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies

Hallmark Health Care Solutions Ranks No. 745 on the 2020 Inc. 5000 Fastest-Growing Private Companies
With Three Year Revenue Growth of 638 Percent

Being recognized as an industry leader by an industry leader is a wonderful distinction. We are excited about the opportunities this creates for our firm.”

— Dave Butcher, SVP Hallmark Health Care Solutions

HAUPPAUGE, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, August 12, 2020 / — Inc. magazine today revealed that Hallmark Health Care Solutions is No. 745 on its annual Inc. 5000 list, the most prestigious ranking of the nation’s fastest-growing private companies. The list represents a unique look at the most successful companies within the American economy’s most dynamic segment—its independent small businesses. Intuit, Zappos, Under Armour, Microsoft, Patagonia, and many other well-known names gained their first national exposure as honorees on the Inc. 5000.

“Being named to the Inc. 5000 is truly an honor. The achievement is really indicative of our tremendous employees and the wonderful customers that leverage our solutions every day. Our continued motivation to deploy and support solutions that empower employees and strengthen organizational visibility grows stronger with achievements like this.” Isaac Ullatil, CEO Hallmark Health Care Solutions

Not only have the companies on the 2020 Inc. 5000 been very competitive within their markets, but the list as a whole shows staggering growth compared with prior lists as well. The 2020 Inc. 5000 achieved an incredible three-year average growth of over 500 percent, and a median rate of 165 percent. The Inc. 5000’s aggregate revenue was $209 billion in 2019, accounting for over 1 million jobs over the past three years.

Complete results of the Inc. 5000, including company profiles and an interactive database that can be sorted by industry, region, and other criteria, can be found at The top 500 companies are also being featured in the September issue of Inc., available on newsstands August 12.

“The companies on this year’s Inc. 5000 come from nearly every realm of business,” says Inc. editor-in-chief Scott Omelianuk. “From health and software to media and hospitality, the 2020 list proves that no matter the sector, incredible growth is based on the foundations of tenacity and opportunism.”

The annual Inc. 5000 event honoring the companies on the list will be held virtually from October 23 to 27, 2020. As always, speakers will include some of the greatest innovators and business leaders of our generation.

About Hallmark Care Solutions

Hallmark Health Care Solutions is a global healthcare solution and information technology firm with offices located in New Jersey, New York, Michigan, and India. Hallmark offers a unique approach inclusive of both strategy and technology to achieve the desired outcome. The technology component positions organizations to use real-time data for improved decision making with regard to leveraging human capital. Over the years, Hallmark has helped organizations optimize and save millions in labor expenses, improve their efficiency and achieve fiscal responsibility through best-in-class software and strategic workforce solutions.

More about Inc. and the Inc. 5000

The 2020 Inc. 5000 is ranked according to percentage revenue growth when comparing 2016 and 2019. To qualify, companies must have been founded and generating revenue by March 31, 2016. They had to be U.S.-based, privately held, for profit, and independent—not subsidiaries or divisions of other companies—as of December 31, 2019. (Since then, a number of companies on the list have gone public or been acquired.) The minimum revenue required for 2016 is $100,000; the minimum for 2019 is $2 million. As always, Inc. reserves the right to decline applicants for subjective reasons. Companies on the Inc. 500 are featured in Inc.’s September issue. They represent the top tier of the Inc. 5000, which can be found at

About Inc. Media
The world’s most trusted business-media brand, Inc. offers entrepreneurs the knowledge, tools, connections, and community to build great companies. Its award-winning multiplatform content reaches more than 50 million people each month across a variety of channels including websites, newsletters, social media, podcasts, and print. Its prestigious Inc. 5000 list, produced every year since 1982, analyzes company data to recognize the fastest-growing privately held businesses in the United States. The global recognition that comes with inclusion in the 5000 gives the founders of the best businesses an opportunity to engage with an exclusive community of their peers, and the credibility that helps them drive sales and recruit talent. The associated Inc. 5000 Conference is part of a highly acclaimed portfolio of bespoke events produced by Inc. For more information, visit
For more information on the Inc. 5000 Conference, visit

Dave Butcher
Hallmark Health Care Solutions
+1 856-231-5340
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SMi’s Pharmaceutical Microbiology East Coast Conference – A Virtual Conference with Remote Access Only

SMi Reports: Due to travel restrictions the conference and workshops have transformed it into a virtual-remote online access event on October 28 and 29 2020.

BOSTON, MA, UNITED STATES, August 12, 2020 / — SMi’s 3rd Annual Pharmaceutical Microbiology Conference will no longer take place in Boston. Instead, the conference taking place on October 28 and 29, 2020 will open its doors to a global audience by making the event virtual access only.

The conference is proudly chaired by Lynne Ensor, Vice President, Technical, Parexel International as a 21-year veteran of the FDA, her areas of expertise include biopharmaceutical sterile product manufacturing and testing, pharmaceutical microbiology, pharmacy compounding, and regulatory policy development. She served as the Deputy Director (Acting) in the Office of Process and Facilities (OPF)/OPQ/CDER, responsible for new, generic, and biologic drug product quality review and facility assessment. Her previous FDA management positions include serving as the Director of the OPF’s Division of Microbiology Assessment, Director of the OPS’s New and Generic Drug Product Quality Microbiology staff, and Director of OGD’s Division of Microbiology. Lynne was previously employed at Roche Biomedical Laboratories, the University of Maryland at Baltimore’s School of Medicine, and earned her B.S. in Biology and Ph.D. in Microbiology from the University of Maryland, College Park.

Lynne will chair the 2-day conference and also speaking on day one on Microbiological Quality Considerations in Non-Sterile Pharmaceutical Manufacture and Control of BCC.

Key sessions include:
• Evaluating the ongoing Complications of Personnel Derived Contaminations
• Container Closure Integrity Evaluation: USP Perspective
• A Sustainable, Ecological and Efficient rFC Endotoxin Testing Solution
• Recent Advances and New Developments in Mycoplasma Control of Blood-derived Medicinal Products
• Container Closure Integrity and Controls Strategies Ensuring Product Sterility
• Monocyte Activation Test: The In-vitro Pyrogen Test Based on Human Immune Cells for Batch Release Testing of Medical Products
• Mycoplasma Testing: Past, Current, and Future State
• Culturing Contamination Prevention – Building a Sustainable Microbial Control Program from the Ground Up
• Global Impact Assessment Process for Aseptic Process Simulations

To view the full 2-day agenda and full speaker line-up, download the brochure from

There are two sponsor led interactive workshops taking place on Friday October 30, 2020 at the Sheraton Boston hotel, USA. The two workshops are on:
Workshop A – Recombinant chromogenic assay as alternate methods for the bacterial endotoxins test (bet).
Workshop B- Mycoplasma testing by anyone, anywhere and anytime!

Interested in joining you can register your place for US$499 for conference and US$299 for the workshops

Sponsored by: Associates of Cape Cod, bioMérieux, Bioscience International, C.T.L. MAT, LONZA, Microbiologics, Millipore Sigma
For sponsorship enquiries contact Alia Malick on +44 (0)20 7827 6164 or

For media enquiries, contact Simi Sapal on +44 (0) 20 7827 6162 or

SMi’s 3rd Annual Pharmaceutical Microbiology East Coast 2020
Conference: October 28th-29th, 2020
Workshops: October 30th, 2020
Sheraton Boston Hotel, Boston, USA

— ENDS –
About SMi Group: Established since 1993, the SMi Group is a global event-production company that specializes in Business-to-Business Conferences, Workshops, Masterclasses and online Communities. We create and deliver events in the Defence, Security, Energy, Utilities, Finance and Pharmaceutical industries. We pride ourselves on having access to the world’s most forward-thinking opinion leaders and visionaries, allowing us to bring our communities together to Learn, Engage, Share and Network. More information can be found at

Simi Sapal
SMi Group
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